Sometimes people assume that minority media personalities getting a lot of press speak for their groups. Just as Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan don't speak for all American blacks, neither do unelected gay “leaders” speak for me or any other gay person. I haven't taken a survey, but there are a good number of us who are concerned and alarmed about the direction of gay politics. I have reached a point in my life where being a lesbian is of little concern to me. Yes, it's still a part of who I am, just as my Northern European heritage is, but it's certainly not all of who or what I am. I was always conservative, so I disagreed with Leftist thinking in general.

To further complicate things, I am a Conservative who is also a feminist, but I find that the extreme academic feminists don't represent my views, either.

Yes, I know that it was the Left that liberated women and gays; it's the nature of conservatism to want to keep the status quo, whatever that is at the time. In the beginning, gays were just struggling to accept ourselves, to achieve a measure of individual freedom, and to make those who were not like us understand we weren't all that different from them. (We could be like the guy on Network who exclaimed: “I'm a human being! My life has value!”) We no longer wanted to hide in the shadows as if we were criminals, or to be “the love that dared not speak its name.” The gay subculture of San Francisco provided a secure comfort zone and a measure of safety in which to grow up.

The irony is that those of us who are being censored because we hold Conservative or “alt.right” views are now being physically and emotionally beaten up so badly that we are beginning to know what it is like to “live in the shadows” or to be “in the closet.” I dare say we are the “politics that dare not speak.” Between being 86'd, doxxed by “anti-fascists” using fascist tactics, and being deprived of our means of making a living, many of us are being forced underground.

Just because the Left helped us as it did many minorities to achieve some measure of political power, that doesn't mean we should worship them, or that we owe them anything. They did not care for us; we were just “useful idiots,” pawns in their game for political power and influence. Many Leftists today act like spoiled children who never grew up; they are immature, perhaps even infantile, in their demands. They truly know no boundaries, they lack a grasp of basic economics, and they behave abominably even when they are not being violent. I want nothing to do with them.

Now the faux media only carries one point of view, and it is the cultural Marxist/Leftist one. We can't believe a thing they say. Every gay organization (with perhaps the exception of the Log Cabin Republicans) has an entirely Leftist slant, and will allow no dissent, even from other gays. Their agenda is a socialist/communist one. I want nothing to do with any of them! Where were they when I needed them to support me against attacks from multiple organizations for making a free speech statement against illegal immigration? Oh, no...I was deluded. They will only support liberal gays.

Now the gay Leftist establishment is going in some bizarre directions I never anticipated. I didn't care about marriage for the most part, and as with most things political, it's become obvious it was all about money, i. e., healthcare insurance, inheritances, tax deductions, and a myriad of other benefits heterosexuals take for granted.

Our detractors are claiming gays are endorsing transgenderism. I never understood those who weren't like us who chose to hitch their wagons to our movement and our efforts. Why include bisexuals (who can pass for straight) and transgenders in our politics? Transgenders don't really fit the definition of gay, even if some of the male-to-female transgenders choose to identify as “lesbians.” I've also heard some heterosexual men claim they are “lesbians” in an attempt to be humorous. The entire transgender issue has been totally blown out of proportion by the media, and it's so irrelevant most of the time that I find myself asking if this is just a distraction to keep us from looking at something more important. I realize the prevalence of estrogenic-like chemicals in our water and food may be deleteriously affecting our development and general health, and there is also a mental illness called “gender dysphoria” which may be what creates transgender feelings. When I watch TGs throw a hissy fit and threaten violence, I wonder how an XY chromosome human can think like an XX one. Look, I've gone in stores and been called “sir” by mistake. I think there may be two reasons: many men are wearing long hair, and the clerks are looking at my face, not my chest. The latter is a good thing. Usually I just say what I have to say, and not make a big deal out of it. It's actually kind of funny, because I definitely don't have a male body!

Now I hear gay organizations are going to move into endorsing pedophilia and pederasty! Our opponents wonder, what's next—bestiality? I'll leave that to the pathetic Islamic men who believe it doesn't hurt an animal who can't consent, or that sticking their penises into livestock doesn't count as sex where Allah is concerned.

Western society as a whole will never allow the sexual violation of children. It's just wrong. And it's funny that the leftists and academics I see endorsing it are all adults. I don't see any children saying they'd just love to have an adult molest them. The same Leftists always use, “but what about the children?” as their rationale when talking gun control or illegal immigration. Hypocrisy much?

As a feminist, and old-time women's libber, I can't stand the crazy academic feminists or the white men who abase themselves in order to serve some “greater good.” Camille Paglia is the only academic who makes sense, and many Conservatives like her. In general, academics seem to be totally whacky on most subjects.

Here is my message to gay “leaders:” get over yourselves! We are fine, and we don't need you anymore. We have not achieved full equality, but your militancy and reckless endorsements of outright perverted acts and promoting mental illness is not helping our cause. Shut up and sit down; you are no longer relevant if you won't support all gays of all political persuasions. Work on your public relations with the rest of society instead of pushing your way into our lives, and telling the majority of society what it must accept. You are toast and you know it.