The demonstration called UNITE THE RIGHT on August 12 in Charlottesville, VA was a great success, and a stunning blow to the cultural Marxists and the extreme Left.  In fact, it was the behavior of Antifa (“antifascist”) Leftist counter-demonstrators which assured the success of the White Right! 

The goal was to unify all the elements of the disparate and sometimes quarrelsome alt-right.  While definitions vary, the alt-right is composed of whites who are American nationalists.  A small number of them prefer National Socialism, like Germany had in 1933, while most are strict Constitutionalists and patriotic capitalists.  All oppose illegal immigration and the flooding of formerly white nations with third worlders.  The White Right, as I call it, is opposed to any foreign or special interests controlling the US government.  Members of the movement seek to increase white influence in the United States, to restore an ethnic white homeland, and to practice traditional ways. 

The Left believes it is perfectly all right for POCs (People of Color, i.e., non-whites) to have pressure groups which pursue only their own group’s interests, but white/Caucasian people are not allowed to support their own tribe, to speak freely, or to pressure government for truly equal rights.  In the Left’s politically correct world, whites must support minorities and never their own group.  Mainstream white Americans are fed up with being dissed at every turn and treated as if they were some cancer upon the body politic, and there will be more demonstrations.  Some white people insist upon having the same rights as the Left’s blessed people of color, women, culturally inappropriate immigrants, and gays.  Perhaps the next group to be granted special privileged rights will be pedophiles [#pizzagate], but even in today’s morally-challenged America, I think that will take some time.

The 400 men who came to Unite the Right were white, conservative, and of many different faiths.  They, and the few women in attendance, were racially-conscious whites who planned to speak freely at a rally which had been planned before and which was ultimately (with the help of the ACLU) given a permit to take place.

What happened afterward was a complete abortion of justice, and an outrageous violation of the participants’ civil rights.  Constitutional rights were denied by a conspiracy between the very governments which are charged with guaranteeing them and the Soros-funded extreme Left.

Participants gathered at the previously-approved location.  They were met with a wall of helmeted, shielded riot police who told them they had to vacate the park and leave if they did not want to be arrested for “unlawful assembly.”  Based on the reports of those there, the police were kicking them in the shins underneath their shields and spraying some with pepper spray.  White demonstrators were forced to exit in only one direction which led them through a gauntlet of very nasty Antifa leftists.  The Antifas assaulted the permitted demonstrators with balloons filled with urine and feces, water bottles, stones and bricks, saliva, and sprayed many right in the eyes and face with sticky gel pepper spray, and in some cases, unknown chemicals.  One black Antifa (or possibly a Black Lives Matter member) was filmed trying to spray participants with flame from what looks like an aerosol can. 

These attacks were not just trivial or harassing; some were life-threatening.  These people are not the pacifists of the 60s and 70s who protested the Viet Nam war.  The Left is showing its true colors; they just don’t want anyone who is un-PC to speak freely and be heard! 

As expected, the mainstream media spun the story as if the White Right caused all the violence!  (Leftists can do no wrong, because they are special.)  Many people live-streamed the non-event, and in some cases we can see what appear to be White Right demonstrators fighting with counter-protesters in self-defense.  (In some cases, POCs assisted the White Right in self-defense.)  I find no fault in them protecting themselves.  I think the White Right showed remarkable restraint considering they were the constant target of aerial missiles, insults, and harassment by Antifas.  Of course, the media did not mention that 2 of the 3 dead were law enforcement in a government helicopter which crashed.  One young man whose car was attacked by violent leftists drove his car into a crowd of Antifas while trying to get away, wounding many and killing one woman. 

What did we learn from this Charlie Foxtrot?                                                

    1.    Free speech is only allowed to whites who are Leftists.  If you try to speak out in the wrong state, you will get beaten up and arrested.

2.      The police only “protect and serve” the special government interests that pay them.  They will not protect you if you are white and         politically incorrect.

3.      The Left is not that slick.  Their tactics backfire.  In this case, the White Right were the victims.

4.      Mainstream media will always lie!

Like all political movements, what is called the alt-right can lose too much of its energy in wrangling, egotism, and petty disputes.  What happened in Virginia was not at all what the Left expected:  every participant there was united with all the others!  The Left was hoping to scatter the participants and send them running in every possible direction, creating confusion and disunity.  The exact opposite happened!

What the dumb Antifas did not anticipate was that every soldier in a war will close ranks

with his comrades when attacked to defend each other!  Constant attack by the Antifas cemented relationships and strengthened all the participants’ resolve.  Some White Right leaders threatened to return to Charlotte repeatedly to demonstrate, just to punish the city, its mayor, and the VA Governor, all of whom showed appallingly bad judgment in depriving American citizens of their rights. 
I smell multiple lawsuits coming your way, Virginia!  Thomas Jefferson must be turning over in his grave.

Thanks, Leftists!