1. Governments, in collusion with their controlled media, can create phony crises any time they want.

  2. Media has no problem inflating and twisting numbers and showing false footage to make you think hospitals are jammed. Doctors and medical administrators have no problem lying about the alleged dangers of this infection.

  3. Most people will believe the lying mainstream media (Germans call it lugenpresse), be scared out of their wits, and comply with the loss of their freedoms.

  4. Almost no one is prepared for a crisis of this magnitude.

  5. A barely believable pandemic is the fastest way to crash world economies.

  6. Benjamin Franklin was right: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

  7. Businesses, small to large, will become traitors to their customers to comply with government orders.

  8. Your neighbor, or possibly a family member, will have no problem snitching on you, so be careful who you surround yourself with.

  9. Sending manufacturing to foreign countries was one of the stupidest things we've ever done.

  10. The four things most important to the general population are toilet paper, guns, food, and seeds.

  11. Quarantining healthy people, as if they were sick, is crazy.

  12. People die of infectious diseases every day, and most of them are more deadly than SARSCov2 

I'm really glad I'm retired now because I know I would be frantic if I had to give up my piddly little paycheck in order to comply with the shutdown. Most working Americans have no savings, and are not likely to accumulate any even if they have big paychecks.

As a long time patriot, I know the deep state will keep pushing the envelope, trying to grab all the power it can, and liberals, in a time of crisis, will make sure all their pet institutions get funded, regardless of their relevance or usefulness to society at large. As much as they squawk about the common people, these millionaires always make sure their nests and those of their friends are feathered first.

This is a naked power grab of the highest order; almost all are losers except for an elite few. As I have reminded people repeatedly, the people who are telling you to close your businesses, to not to go to work, are those who will get paid regularly regardless of what happens. That kind of puts a unique perspective on this manufactured crisis, doesn't it? The fact that Congressmen and some big investors knew it was coming is evidence it was a ”plandemic,” not an accidental one.

Once businesses reopen, and people return to work, presumably at the end of this month, what are we left with? What have we learned? Try to be as self-sufficient as possible, and save for a rainy day. In any way that you can, store food and water; ensure you are able to defend yourself, try to have a debt-free place to live, and have as few bills to pay as necessary.

The age of “smart” technology is upon is, where every device of convenience we have will report to some authority on our whereabouts, activities, and preferences. We are going to be monitored in every way possible. There is no privacy now. People like Bill Gates want to vaccinate everyone, perhaps to insert tracking chips; cash may become a thing of the past if digital traceable money becomes the norm, and if the telecoms are successful in installing 5G antennas, we are going to be so radiated that we won't be able to use the brains the Creator gave us. My solution is to withdraw, as much as possible, from the electronic control. I choose to drive older, “dumb” vehicles, because they will not be reporting constantly on me. I use cash as much as I can. If you need to buy things over the internet, you can always get one of those Visa debit cards and fill it with cash when you need something, and perhaps even use a pseudonym when ordering. 

Some doctors who are not beholden to the establishment are crying out that this crisis is not what they are telling you. It's a hoax, and the quarantining of everyone, including healthy people, will make no difference. Even the name of the virus, Covid19, is incorrect. It is a variation of SARS, and should properly be named SARSCov2!

Assume the authorities are lying to you. Remain vigilant, and refuse to give up your liberty for false safety. Mass civil violation of government orders and restrictions would go a long way to putting these power hungry cannibals in their places. Rest assured, this will happen again, if they think they can get away with it. Make sure they get the message: we will not comply!