July 23, 2011

Tucson Attorney Tells It Like It Is!

Slanders Lawyers, Calls Prosecutor Ignorant!

In a shocking closing argument during Jason Bush's trial, defense attorney Richard Parrish talked about lawyers being "sleazy low-lifes who will do anything for a buck."   Lawyers are "egomaniacs who take cases we know nothing about," he admitted.  Parrish claimed prosecutor Rick Unklesbay's grasp of psychology was fatuous, and said that the surviving victim's idea of "heaven" was twisted. Gina Gonzales, who was wounded in the attack, began her victim impact statement to the jury in both the Forde and Bush trials by saying that she "went to sleep in heaven and woke up in hell."  Parrish cleverly quoted that and explained what heaven meant to a drug smuggler's family.  By the time Albert Gaxiola's trial had occurred, Ms. Gonzalez had created a different victim impact statement.

Parrish stood alone among all the defense attorneys in the 3 trials in exposing the elephant in the room--the fact that the victims (with the exception of the child) and the star witness, Oin Oakstar, were not all that innocent, and that most of us who believe in the American system and follow the rules, would not have approved of their lifestyle.   Was this move calculated to keep the jury awake or to make them angry?

Also truly shocking was the fact that defendant Jason Bush, who had pled not guilty, was given absolutely no defense whatsoever in the guilt phase of his trial.  Both defense attorneys assumed he was guilty and said so in open court.  The only time Bush got any defense at all was when Chris Kimminau, his other attorney, asked for a mistrial, and during the mitigation portion of the trial, when the same jurors who had just said he was eligible for the death penalty were asked to spare his life because he wasn't quite right in the head. 

Jason Bush never agreed to this strategy, and expected a vigorous defense utilizing all the exculpatory evidence available.  An experienced former prosecutor, when told of this "strategy," exclaimed, "I've never heard of anyone doing that on purpose!"  What will the AZ Bar Association say?  Will anyone be disbarred, or even reprimanded?

What does Carla Ryan, Bush's appeals attorney, think about all of this?  Will it make it easier for him to get a new trial because he never got any defense at all, or will it be more difficult?  Keep watching this website for more excerpts from the forthcoming book.