Once upon a time, it was unthinkable for a woman to hold any job other than that of a wife, mother, teacher, or nurse. That was the politically and socially correct position of women in that day and age. Even though our Founding Fathers yearned for freedom, justice and the right to self-expression, they did not allow that to women. We know that women were not allowed to vote until shortly after the turn of the last century. In the latter quarter of the Twentieth Century, women were allowed to assume additional roles and receive their “justice” and “liberation.”

Although I have always been a Conservative, I know that my liberation as a woman and as a lesbian did not come from stodgy old Conservatives supporting the status quo; it came from liberals! Now you might think that the Left-wing, which consists of “Progressives,” liberals, socialists, Communists, and even some anarchists, cares so deeply about the oppression and the rights of minorities that they were just compelled to set things right. (You know, their hearts are in the right place.) “Oh, you poor thing,” we can hear them softly cooing, “jump on our train and we will drive you to your liberation!” Some may even feel a genuine moral imperative to help those less fortunate. But liberation comes at a price—they expect you to support their entire platform and to vote Democrat and for any turncoat Republican unworthy of the principles for which the party used to stand. And they expect this kind of fealty for life. There is no difference between this kind of slavery and being a serf working for the king.

The First Amendment is fine with the “liberationists” as long as only small disagreements are made within the Leftist framework. But
any substantive objection is now shouted down by “Antifascists” (antifa) who perform the role of fascists by not allowing anyone with a dissident voice to speak! I’m still wondering what happened to the pacifist anti-war activists of the 60s and 70s. They were obnoxious, but they didn’t hurt people, and they didn’t set out to be the aggressor by throwing human waste at the opposition and spraying people’s eyes with pepper spray, bleach, and other substances. The Left-wing protesters of the 70s believed that being peaceful but civilly disobedient would get their points across, and to a large degree, e. g., the civil rights movement, they were correct.

The Leftists realized they could not get their way immediately, so they used “creeping incrementalism,” just taking a bite of the elephant at a time, until their goals were met. The current trend of removing Confederate and Civil War monuments is a part of that. As primarily Euro-American history is erased in the schools, it is being erased by removing landmarks, memorials, and statues. The Left thought they had it all in Barack Obama, and his Presidency led to unprecedented racial strife, poverty, and discord. Now the Left is behaving like children having temper tantrums because they cannot get their way. Using the system and its laws to get what they want has been cast aside for irrational and badly-directed violence. The fact that Soros and others have to pay demonstrators is proof of the spiritual vapidity and impotency of the Left. 

I thought being liberated meant I was free to be me, to be able to pursue my interests proudly, zestfully, without shame or recrimination, but no, this is not the case if you are not “politically correct” and pursuing the party line of the “Progressives.” You are treated like a dinosaur, as if you are regressive, and shunned as if you were a sinful member of the Amish.

I thought there was a “big tent” concept for all those minorities where they could embrace the principles of the representative republican government upon which America was founded. Free speech is supposed to be available for everyone, even for those we don’t like. Now it’s all right for minorities to speak hatefully of whites (many of whom are Leftists who agitated for their liberation), but as a protected class, politcally correct rules mandate that the target of their hate may not respond in kind.

Dumping on white males for every ill and perceived inequity in society is truly a minority sport. Does anyone realize that if it were not for white males that we would not have the freedom we do? Don’t any minorities understand that it was the tolerance of white males that enabled them to achieve this degree of empowerment? Talk about crapping where you eat! 

Relations between the extreme left and conservative/moderate white males have degenerated to a point where any white males who stand up for themselves are always physically attacked (mostly by other whites and a few assorted minorities) for using their right to free speech! Strangely enough, now it is the majority whites (both women and men) who are being victimized. Civil order has gotten so far out of control that now we are compelled to feel sorry for peaceful white nationalists who are being beaten for demonstrating!

I’m a member of two minorities and that’s why Leftists hate it when I speak out. They think I should be on their side. Thank you very much, but I’m going to take my liberation and do what I want with it! What I realize is that I am not a part of their little subculture, but a member of the larger society. I have dreams, hopes, and ambition to do things which exceed the abysmal expectations of my minority status. I am not a victim, and don’t want to be seen as one. I am the captain of my own ship, and the Left hates this kind of independence!

If white people continue to accept this undeserved punishment, they will become extinct. Now is the time to circle all the race wagons to prepare for attack, and to stop supporting all the hostiles because you think they got a raw deal. Historically, they did get a bad deal, but then is not now.

If any minorities are reading this, you need to understand that the past is NOT your future, that people alive today are not responsible for what their ancestors did. If you remain a victim, you will disempower yourself, lose respect from those who matter, and never achieve anything worthwhile. Be proud of your group, treasure its heroes, and their legacy, but move on!

Worldwide the only people who think they should fight for the rights of others outside their own group are Caucasians. Minorities already have their own pressure groups. In the past, white people fought for their lives; they fought for land, they fought for their families, and they fought for their property. Why do they run now? It’s time to make a stand, to use our government as a force for positive change, to boycott those who oppose us, to use peaceful civil disobedience, or to fight physically if necessary.

Every day, political correctness forces whites to be played for fools, to be beaten down worse than any minorities alive today. It surely would be preferable if we could all treat each other with respect and even courtesy. But others are drawing the lines for us. We can submit and die, or we can resist and live. Together we will advance and turn back the tide; individually, we will perish. Every race knows this but ours.

Voltaire: “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”