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Thug Jr.


These are a few of the pictures the jury won't see.  Just like they likely won't learn about how much Trayvon liked fighting, how he had his own fight club, smoked dope and sold it to others, and how he claimed he punched out a school bus driver.  This boy was spoiling for a fight 24/7!  

The fact that he liked having his picture taken often while flipping the bird is indicative of his attitude problem.  Regardless of the sainted picture his grieving parents want to show to us, it seems he was not behaving like a stand-up citizen.  Stolen jewelry and burglary tools from a home near his school were found in his back pack at school.  He was suspended repeatedly from school.  Trayvon would have been on his way to prison, just like a lot of other young black men.

                                                                                                 George Zimmerman's Injuries
Maybe he was raised right by educated and intelligent parents, but children often don't turn out the way their parents want them to.  A parent can do the best job of which they are capable, but there is no guarantee of how the children will behave.

Based on Zimmerman's injuries and his story, it seems more likely than not that Travyvon got tired of this "creepy-ass cracker" following him and decided to confront him and teach him a lesson.  He surprised him, sucker-punched Zimmerman in the nose, knocking him to the ground.  Martin then straddled Zimmerman on the ground, and proceeded to slam his head against the concrete, and to further punch him. Zimmerman, fearing for his life with     Mr. Fists of Fury on top of him, drew his gun and shot in self-defense.  I would have done the same.  My only problem as a senior woman who is unlikely to get into a fist fight much do I need to allow myself to be injured before I shoot someone in legal self-defense?  I'm not sure where the line is drawn, and I certainly don't want to be in Zimmerman's situation.

Zimmerman's injuries are self-explanatory, despite the media's efforts to downplay them.  It's a good thing one of his neighbors took a color picture of him right after the fight.  

Despite the Medical Examiner's eccentric meanderings and equivocation, one thing makes perfect sense:  the fact that the gunpowder from the shot indicated "loose contact" on Martin's sweatshirt.  When someone is bending over a victim on the ground,  punching him, the force of gravity will make his clothes hang downward and away from his torso.  When Zimmerman shot Martin, Martin's clothes (likely worn "jailin" gangsta style) were hanging at least a few inches away from his body.  This is, in itself, evidence of who was on the bottom.  I'm not sure why this hasn't been brought up, but I shared it with the defense team.

Martin's mother is a 25 year government employee, and is likely politically connected, which is why this political and media case was brought to trial when there was no probable cause.  I think the prosecution knows their case is wrong and will likely fail; they are just going through the motions.  Goddess help any of us if we are ever in a similar situation, neighborhood watching while white, having to defend ourselves against one of the blessed people of color!