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Not Guilty!

It has come to my attention that The Usual Suspects are claiming on some pro-La Raza websites that I share some guilt for the Arivaca massacre.  This is a smokescreen by the accusers designed to divert attention from their own acts of child abuse, neglect, drug trafficking, sexual perversion and molestation of minors.

As one of my perceptive email correspondents puts it:

Of course any sane, sensible, thinking person would know that if there were even the tiniest bit of evidence implicating you in the Arivaca scene, the prosecution, press, and all the rest would have been all over you a long time ago!  Mr. Pothead and his Mommie Dearest obviously are lacking sufficient brain cells to comprehend that.

I'm sure Merrill Metzger must wet himself in his raging tirades. He is one sorry piece of work.

The number of lies told about me by government-employed snitches is truly appalling.  Without even meeting me, they have taken stuff they’ve read on the internet,  pictures they’ve seen on my Facebook page, and constructed entire fantasies about my alleged exploits.  When Blonde on the Border, my new book is published, all this nonsense will be revealed.  People will be shocked by the shenanigans which have taken place.  Don’t believe what you read about me on the internet.

This is the price for doing what the Leftists call “speaking truth to power.”  I have the nerve to challenge the power elite, and I am paying the price for it, in so many ways.  Stay tuned for new developments.  I’m sitting on a big one right now which I’m not quite ready to reveal.