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Word Is Out on Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeau! 

The naked nazis of the extremist left-wing media like to leave no personal orientation unexposed in their obsessive quests to strip any conservative political candidate of any kind of credibility.  And the last thing a closeted gay political candidate wants is for any media outlet to run stories about his love life fueled by the carping of a jilted ex-lover.  Oh, poor Jose…Paul cheated on him!  So what I want to know is what was Jose doing looking at gay dating sites?  That’s a lot of trolling to find out if your man is cheating on you.  Could you have in mind doing a little cheating, yourself, Jose?

Let’s get real:  gay men are like satyrs gone wild when it comes to sex; the more the merrier.  Most gay male couples just learn to live with their loved one having multiple partners.  Men have no problem separating sex from love, so it’s no big deal.  Stop acting like some jilted straight chick, Jose!

Sheriff Paul Babeau got elected on an anti-corruption platform, and from what I’ve heard, it seems he’s done a lot of good for Pinal County, compared to his predecessor, Chris Vasquez.  It’s time for a change, and it’s time for both the gay rights movement and conservatives to realize we are living in the 21st century, and act like it.

I’ve been attacked by the extreme left wing media repeatedly and called pejorative names like butch dyke, bull dyke, etc., even though they supposedly are gay-friendly.  I’ve reported their politically incorrect slander to GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation media monitoring organization.  While it’s not OK to make prejudicial remarks about Jews or negroes, it’s still OK to use unflattering slang words to refer to gays.

How can both groups move into the 21st century and get with the program?  Here are my suggestions.

For Conservatives:

1.      Get over things like family planning, birth control, and abortion.  They are the law of the land, and women have the same rights as men to control what goes into their bodies and what comes out of them.  Don’t want an abortion?  Then don’t have one.

2.      Get over irrelevant issues like who people sleep with.  Gays are not trying to “convert” anyone, nor do we reproduce others like us.  Accept us as full human beings with 100% of the same rights as you think you have.  It’s been over 40 years since the American Psychiatric/Psychology Associations declared being gay is not a mental disorder, so stop throwing the label “pervert” at us.  You don’t like gays?  Then stay away from us.

3.      Stop supporting the “War on Drugs.”  Understand that it is just a way for the government to control the population, and for any critics to be silenced.  Drug addiction declines with decriminalization.

For Left Wingers:

1.      Gays need to stop supporting massive illegal immigration.  People who come here illegally from third world countries do not support gay rights.  They kill gays in most of their countries!  The vast majority of them breed many children who are taught the same anti-American values their parents hold.  And they all vote.  Do you want these people and the scummy politicians who pander to them in control of your future?  If you live long enough, it will happen.

2.      Stop trying to play “mommy” to every sorry loser in America and overseas with OPM (Other Peoples’ Money), AKA taxpayers’ money!  Understand that more government control equals less freedom for those who are governed.  Stop expecting government to solve all social ills, and start encouraging people to do things to help themselves.  Don’t give the downtrodden a fish; teach them how to fish!

3.      Stand up and do something effective to protest all the wars and violence you claim to oppose!  Only vote for people who believe the US should mind its own business and who will de-fund illegal wars.  (RON PAUL comes to mind.)  Take positive steps toward protecting yourselves, like supporting lawful weapons carry for those who want to be able to defend themselves when outside their homes.  More guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens = less crime.

4.    Gay organizations need to recognize that there are gays who identify as conservative, libertarian, and moderate. Not all gays are left-wingers. Stop being embarrassed by gays who don't fit into a narrow "politically correct" niche. Let your sisters and brothers who have differing political views into the tent, and recognize we can all work together in some ways. Practice "diversity."

These are but a few ideas I have; there are more.  I simply cannot identify myself as a conservative any more.  The dinosaurs in the conservative camp are just too mired in the 19th century.  Yet I’m not a flaming left-winger, either.  Both groups need to get a grip on reality.  My message to Paul Babeau:  you give the naked nazis of the left-wing media a good bead read, honey!  They deserve it.

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