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Former prosecutor and legal commentator Nancy Grace has a permanent hard-on for all defendants, and Jodi Arias is no

exception.  Night after night I’ve watched her screw up her face in disgust on the HLN channel whenever a defense lawyer makes an effective attempt to actually defend their client.

I watched her blow a gasket when the jury acquitted Casey Anthony and to practically call for her 

lynching.  Nancy, cool your jets!  Your phony outrage doesn’t fool anyone, and you are not my friend.  You are playing for ratings only; if it blows its top, it leads.

Nancy Grace believes all criminal defendants are guilty, no matter the circumstances. 

What is this obsession Grace and the media have with Jodi Arias’ sex life?  I don’t hear anything all that unexpected for two modern young people who are very attracted to each other and who love engaging in adult play.  Travis Alexander sounds like an exceptionally skillful lover, even though he is domineering on occasion.  And Arias sounds like every man’s dream as a sex partner.  Apparently the vow of chastity before 

marriage is very important in the LDS church, and Travis’ BS stories explaining it’s not really sex sound Clintonesque and typically male.  Tonight a Mormon woman called Grace’s show and said it was an unofficial saying in the LDS church:  “Be moral; go oral.”  So as long as young couples were not having actual intercourse, then they could pretend they were chaste!  The hypocrisy is on fire!  It’s even worse as the sexists (including some women) blame Jodi 100% for “luring” Travis into the relationship!

Please, can we stop blaming the woman, and always calling her a slut because she enjoyed sex?  Travis was obviously a slut, too, as he was seeing other women at the same time and likely having sex with them, too!  But some people think that’s OK because he’s a man!

The Puritans are still with us, even though we have advanced four centuries since they landed on our eastern shores.  People have sex and enjoy it.  It’s adult play; the gods would not have given us the capacity for that pleasure if we had not been intended to enjoy it.  To all the leering juveniles in the gallery:  stop drooling; you should be embarrassed.  Chastity is like diets; it doesn’t work, and never has. 

“Good night, friend.”


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