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Key Evidence is MIA!

Laine Lawless, an Arizona writer-researcher on AZ border issues, has been barred from examining PUBLIC RECORDS by Sheriff Dupnik’s office.

This is a violation of the Arizona Public Records Law, which mandates that all public records must be made available to anyone during normal business hours in the office in which they are kept.  Government agencies may charge for copies, but they may not charge anyone to examine the information.  (For details, see Lawless’ letter to the case manager here.)

The cases have been adjudicated, all the defendants are in prison, and there is no reason why the documents, audio recordings, and videos cannot be examined by any member of the public.  In fact, there is a sign at the Sheriff’s Records office showing the prices for them.

Key pieces of evidence were ignored by the media and withheld from the public and the juries.  Witnesses who could provide alternative information were not called.  Persons of interest to the cases were discouraged from providing any exculpatory testimony.

“I expected a cover-up,” Lawless states matter-of-factly.  “What I didn’t expect was the extent to which they would go in breaking the law.”  

“This isn’t about where you fall on the political spectrum; it’s about the right of the people to know the truth,” Lawless says.  Dissemination of public information is a First Amendment issue.   “These cases are compelling, and the truth is crying out to be told.”