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More Expensive Spy Cameras for Border!

Reporter Brenda Norrell has posted an update on high tech border security.  The most upsetting aspect of this is the fact that, as with

subcontracted to Boeing to create the spy cameras on the 100' high towers.  The first ones didn't work, and I can't help but wonder if 

that was by design.  Was Elbit getting paid off by drug smugglers to make sure the cameras "went blind" just when they were taking 

loads across the border?  Elbit Security Systems is in charge of a huge amount of the US government security, and has also

provided security to a number of American airports, including O'Hare Field in Chicago.   Please tell me why the

federal government couldn't find an American company to provide these services!

Do you remember Johnathan Pollard?  If Israel is such a great ally of the USA, then why did they have to employ someone to spy on

us?  Why can't American security be provided by an American company?  To those in the know, the answer is obvious.