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Judge Craps In Mess Kit!

Major Blooper in Third Arivaca Massacre


Courtroom observers say this one is a sure guarantee of an overturn on appeal for Gaxiola if he is convicted!  Judge Leonardo's error is described in detail in this issue of the Green Valley Sun.
This is the type of event that appeals attorneys pray for, and prosecutors fear. 

Asking for a mistrial is fairly routine, but attorney Jack Lansdale appears to have hit the ball out of the park on this one!  Oin Oakstar, lifelong drug addict, could not be counted on to keep his stories straight
as a witness.  He already committed major bloopers in the Shawna Forde and Jason Bush trials.

For example, in the Forde trial, he claimed that when he went to Gaxiola's home to bring pain killers for Jason, Shawna had told him that things went bad at the Flores house.  Then, in the Jason Bush trial, he said that it was Jason who had told him that things "went to shit." 

Gina Gonzalez has also had great difficulty keeping her stories straight.  Despite the intruder having a blacked-out face in what she said was "medium" to dim lighting in her home, she later claimed that she could identify him by his "eyes and his hairline."  I wonder...did he look like Al Jolson or Oin Oakstar?  Even reporters are getting in on the act, twittering bloopers while the trial is in progress.  Kim Smith of the Arizona Daily Star wrote that  according to Gonzalez, the Mexican who came in after everyone was shot "was dressed all in green."   This wasn't in the transcript from previous trials, and it's amazing how Gonzalez suddenly saw so much when she claims she had her head down on the floor and was "playing dead" the whole time.

It's time for some folks to start paying attention to details.  These prosecutions are so sloppy, and the witnesses are so bad, that these trials more closely resemble a three ring circus than any sort of effort to exact justice for the victims.  It looks like Christmas has come early for the defendants' appeals attorneys.