Warren Jeffs in Custody

I am watching Breaking the Faith about the young people who leave the FLDS cult in Colorado City, AZ and Hildale, Utah.  The show plays some of (prophet) Warren Jeff’s pronouncements at various times during the program.  I listen to this guy who sounds like Caspar Milquetoast and I want to ask his adherents, “are you crazy?  This guy isn’t even a good public speaker, much less some sort of divinely inspired prophet!”  He has the delivery of a wet noodle, and absolutely no enthusiasm in his speech.

It’s so crazy that anybody thinks he’s holy that I just want to knock some sense into their heads  while asking “how could you believe that BS?”  I suppose I simply don’t have a good understanding of cult brainwashing because I would never be susceptible to joining one myself. 

Jeffs is in prison in Texas for rape of underage girls, child molestation and incest.  He was sentenced to life.  His own nephews testified against him at trial, claiming he sodomized them when they were children as well.  He promotes the marriage of underage, barely pubescent girls to much older men in their 30s-50s.  Many young FLDS men are driven out of the cult because they compete with all the older men for the girls’ affections. 

Some of the insane things Jeffs did were to forbid anyone to marry his dead father’s wives, and then he married all them himself, except for two!  He moved family members around, sometimes reassigning wives and husbands.  Some people who had opposed him in the slightest way were forced to leave the two towns owned by the FLDS, as there is no private real estate.  He arranged all the marriages; no one was permitted to marry who they wanted.  All the women were required to dress in identical clothing and to wear their hair the same.  He often married cousins to each other.  He was accused of pilfering the FLDS trust funds.  In order to support their massive families, some of the wives claim fraudulently that they are single mothers, and thereby receive food stamps. 

Jeffs used to tell the FLDS women “keep sweet,” which was his shorthand for telling them to submit to male authority in the cult.  As a sex criminal, Jeffs is likely isolated from the general population in prison.  I wonder if he could “keep sweet” for all the men in his prison?

Most members of Protestant denominations regards Mormonism as a cult, and this is only the regular church, not the FLDS which promotes massive polygamy.  Just the concept that the more children a man produces, the holier it makes him, is enough to send most normal Protestants round the bend, never mind the idea that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and other recent Mormons are actually “latter day saints.”  Sainthood is not a concept that Protestants are comfortable with.  It belongs to the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. 

Many people like to remind us that Christianity was once viewed as being a cult.  So what are the signs that you are in a cult?  When you are totally separated from any aspect of popular American culture, you are likely in a cult.  When you are constantly told what to do and you have no real freedom, you are either in a cult or a prison.  When you are not allowed to choose your own partner, you are in a cult.  When you are not allowed a normal childhood, but are required to work all the time, you are in a cult.  When women are not allowed to receive an education, you are either in a cult or you are living in an Islamic country. 

One common feature of any religious cult headed by a man seems to be that all the action revolves around him getting as much pussy as possible, regardless of what excuse he uses.  This holds true whether you are dealing with a nominally Christian cult or a Rajneesh-type New Age cult.  Even David Koresh, leader of the Waco Branch Davidians, who the patriot movement worships almost as if he were a saint, (since he was killed by the government), had this same goal.  He had multiple liaisons, many children, and he sometimes had sex with girls who were way underage.  Warren Jeffs fits this pattern perfectly and brutally, with the addition of child molestation to boot.

If you are in a group which does not adhere to any contemporary moral standards, which doesn’t even respect your god-given rights, then you are in a cult.  Leave it as soon as possible!