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I love white men!  Some of my best friends have been white men!  OK, so I’m a lesbian; that means I just don’t love them romantically.  I love them more like a buddy; like a friend should.

I feel so sorry for white men.  It seems that ever since the Politically Correct crowd’s insanity became untouchable, white men have been blamed for everything!  Got a problem?  Blame The White Man, and pretty soon the complainers end up sounding like they belong to Indian tribes or Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, regardless of their actual color or race.  We even have suicidal white men, who are busy trying to

extinguish themselves, blaming their entire race for everything evil.
  And then we have the academic Jews (some of whom claim that they are NOT white) like Noel Ignatiev, cowardly asserting the day before he retired that the world would be better off without white men! 
While I have sometimes questioned the value of what is called “progress” (like flooding valleys for hydroelectric dams, making complex things even more difficult, space travel, noisy, dirty freeways, eminent domain, taxes, etc.) there is no doubt in my mind that many white men (and women) have created, discovered, invented, and nurtured wonderful things that make our society more interesting and beneficial.

Perhaps we can start from the present and work our way backwards.  White men and women created the computers and software we are reading this on. 

They created fine means of transportation which enable us to explore our world and gain a greater appreciation of others who are different from us.  White men created anthropology, the study of humans in all their various ages and environments, for they were the only ones with the money and leisure time to devote to studying and understanding others.

White men repair my SUV, they built and maintain my home.  I’m alive because of a Scottish biologist named Alexander Fleming who discovered penicillin, the first antibiotic. 

White men are persistent when confronted with a problem; they continue working on it until there is a solution.  White men don’t give up easily, and will get as dirty as necessary to get the job done. 
White men are loyal to their friends; they are funny and smart; they make me laugh.  White men take me seriously, but still treat me like a lady. 

Really, bros, just because the regressives (who label themselves “progressives”) are down on you, don’t you be down on yourselves.  You can do better than those savages called Muslims who invaded Europe and who cut themselves with knives and beat themselves with whips.  Don’t help others beat you up.  You are smart, hard-working, and innovative.  Lots of us appreciate you, even though we don’t tell you that often enough.  Our lives have been made more comfortable and longer because of the great work you have done. 

Here’s the naked truth:  without the niceness and fairness of white men, there would be no feminism, no socialism, no gay rights movement, no liberation movements of any kind for those who are “minorities” within the United States.  Without the declaration and consent of white men there would be no free speech, no due process for those accused of criminal acts, no security in your homes, no right to self-defense, no choices at all in your lives.  All this because white men saw what was wrong with a despotic system and decided to right it.  Now they are dead white men, but their physical passing doesn’t lessen the value of their ideals, of their sense of fair play and equality under the law for everyone. 

If white men are dying at an earlier age in America than they are in other countries, it might be because they’ve been oppressed by evil cultural Marxists since the 1970s.  It’s hard to remain healthy and viable when you can’t get a job, can’t make enough money to support your family when you are working, and are blamed for all the ills of society.  White men are the politically correct “go-to” punching bags for every minority or oppressed group which perceives they have been treated unfairly, even if they must bear some responsibility for their alleged “lack of opportunity.”

As a society, we need to celebrate all the wonderful things we have because of the efforts of white men and women.  Thank a white man today for all the good things you have, and for the freedom to make choices in your life, and to realize your potential.

Thanks, white men!

 Copyright 2017 by Laine Lawless Permission given to reprint as long as source is included

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