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Immigration, Gun Rights, and the Orlando Gay Massacre

The massacre in the early morning hours at a Florida gay nightclub should not have happened.  Over 300 people inside the Pulse nightclub should not have been disarmed.  If there had been one person inside carrying a concealed weapon, there is a good chance there might not have been a slaughter, and fewer people would have been wounded.  Just one “good guy” with a gun and the skill to use it could have made all the difference!

The gunman was a Moslem; he was born in the United States; his parents were from Afghanistan.  Could this carnage have been prevented by denying Moslems entrance to the United States?  Possibly.  What turned him into a murderous nutter, or was he just “converted” to radical Islam?  We may never know.

At this point, we have come full circle in the mass murder scenario:  all minority groups have been included in the dramas, some of which were very carefully orchestrated by our government-media complex.  So far, the victims have included members of the media, Jews, Jewish and gentile children, Sikhs, black Christians, white government workers, Hispanics, women, and gays.  With the Orlando massacre, there was a four-for-one:  women, gays, blacks, and Hispanics.  All sectors of the population have now been victimized; we must be convinced that none of us are safe.

Many of us Second Amendment supporters know that these crimes, committed by mentally-ill persons and religious zealots, will be used as an excuse to push the Leftist gun control agenda.  Their faulty reasoning is that if these people can’t get guns, then they cannot commit crimes.  Criminals will always find a way to commit crimes, and it makes no difference whether they obtain their firearms over the counter or on the black market.  The motive is already there; they will find the opportunity and means.

The problem is that when people are disarmed and unable to defend themselves, they present a soft target for anyone with evil intent.  Typically, the Left assumes anyone carrying a gun is bad; perhaps the only exception is law enforcement when Leftists call them for help.

It is time for gays to wake up!  The Left was useful in our struggle for equality, but they are not our friends.  They have used us, and other minorities, in their agenda for total control of the U.S.  Neither is the government a friend; those in power have proved, again and again, that they will kill anyone, including their own people, in their lust for power.  How can a government which is representative of the wishes of its citizens, invite enemies into our country?  Yet people from foreign cultures and lands, who have no wish to assimilate, and who hate the United States, are allowed to stream into our country without being vetted at all.  They are allowed to demonstrate in the street, stop traffic, and brutalize American citizens for opposing open borders.  America has no borders.  The Left is doing the same thing in Europe.

Everyone in this country needs to understand that there is no one there to protect us.  We can’t depend on police, on the military which is always fighting useless foreign wars, on the National Guard, on the Border Patrol, or on any of the three letter federal alphabet agencies.  Unless you have a strong survival-trained family or circle of friends, we are all responsible for ourselves.  We are on our own!

Gays need to overcome their Leftist brainwashing enough to understand that their job is to ensure their own survival.  Every honest citizen, in every country, needs to arm themselves and be prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones.

Gays need to stop trusting government to protect them; no one can protect you from a mass-murderer!  There will be more murders until The People strike back.  When people are disarmed, they are prey for the predators. 


Laine Lawless is a gay conservative AZ writer specializing in border and immigration issues.  She was the founder of borderguardians.org, an early supporter of American sovereignty and secure borders.