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Oakstar Dead!


Oin Oakstar Dead at 43

The drug addict and drug smuggler who testified at all 3 trials in the Arivaca massacre has been found dead under a freeway overpass in Everett, Washington, Shawna Forde's old home town.  Oakstar was the government's Snitch-in-Chief in the case against Shawna Forde, despite having barely met her.  He testified against her, Jason Bush, and Albert Gaxiola in 3 trials held in Tucson January-June, 2011.  At every trial, he changed his testimony to implicate that particular defendant, asserting that each one said the home invasion didn't turn out as planned, and told him, "everything went to shit."

Raul Flores, a prominent Arivaca drug smuggler, and his daughter were murdered on May 30, 2009.  His wife was wounded, and survived to testify.

Above is a photo of Oakstar being arrested in Arivaca.  No photos ever surfaced in the  media after that until he testified, and a request for a booking photo of him was denied.  The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde knew a plot was in progress when his face was not shown.  Finally, in Decmber 2009, at a Probable Cause hearing for the capital murder charge, defense attorneys were surprised to learn that Oin Oakstar would be the chief snitch for the government's case.

It's odd that after the trials were over, the attorneys involved seem to have a habit of either disappearing, dying, or retiring.  Shawna Forde's main attorney, Eric Larsen, moved to Thailand immediately after the trial.  Richard Parrish, who clearly threw Jason Bush's case by presenting no defense and doing everything he could to inflame an already prejudiced jury, died under mysterious circumstances in Gilbert, AZ.  Gaxiola's attorneys were on the edge of retirement.  Now the prosecution's chief witness is dead.

Was Oin Oakstar killed by the Sinaloa Cartel because he was a snitch?  Who will die next?