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April 7, 2013


JODI ARIAS TRIAL:  Domestic Violence Expert Alyce LaViolette vs. Prosecutor Juan Martinez

Jodi Arias’ prosecutor Juan Martinez is a man I love to hate.  If he thinks that coming on like a quasi-intimidating, vicious little popinjay will make the jury convict Jodi Arias, then he is sadly mistaken.  If I were on the jury, I’d acquit the defendant just because he’s an arrogant, pompous ass who will not even give the opposing attorneys, much less any of their witnesses, any respect or courtesy.

Watching him cross-examine LaViolette is reminiscent of the style of Spanish inquisitors.  I get the feeling he would like nothing better than to break her on St. Catherine’s wheel as he goes on in his fake intimidating style where he reduces everything to the simplicity of a comic book by trying to force the witness to answer yes or no regarding complex issues. 

Martinez overstepped his ability to lawyer when he decided to attack Ms. LaViolette.  She knows an abuser when she sees one, and like the patient therapist she is, she proceeded to point out his inadequacies as a lawyer and his appallingly abusive demeanor.  When he first started to attack her, she innocently asked him:  “Mr. Martinez, are you angry at me?”  This provoked the first round of laughter ever heard in court, and the judge had to admonish the spectators not to laugh. 

Following a response where LaViolette asked him if he wanted the truth, Martinez lost his cool so thoroughly that he accused her of wanting to “spar” with him, and he and the defense attorneys had to approach the bench.  I wonder what the judge said?  LaViolette later calmly stated that she would like to have him address her in the same tone she spoke to him.  LaViolette said it was difficult to answer properly when Martinez uses that tone.

When Martinez started questioning LaViolette about her lecture entitled “Was Snow White a Battered Woman?” he proved Alexander Pope’s maxim about a little learning being a dangerous thing.  It’s obvious he got one of his clerks to research LaViolette’s writings and lectures. Unfortunately, he failed to watch the youtube video of the same title.  If he had, he would have found that she used the fairy tale as a jumping off point to explore archetypes and sex role stereotypes that influence people’s behavior.  He made a complete fool of himself asking her questions about the seven dwarves, while LaViolette looked perplexed, explaining that it was just “a catchy title.”

So far my scoreboard shows:  LaViolette 4, and Martinez 0.

In his disorganized, illogical style, Martinez once again got lost in minutiae, jumping around and making no sense.  Please tell me this isn’t the best that the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office has to offer?!  Martinez makes me ashamed be to a taxpayer!

Martinez’ abusive, grandstanding behavior inside and outside the courtroom is shameful.  He needs to be sanctioned for his antics.  I can hardly wait for his next bout with Alyce LaViolette, who is very skilled at giving him a proper smackdown!  Marty, it’s not smart to abuse the domestic violence expert!


When asked if Jodi and Travis were having pleasure in sex and experiencing orgasms, she responded:

I'm a domestic violence expert, not an expert on orgasms.

Have you watched "When Harry met Sally?"

When Martinez continued to pummel her, she rebuked him:

If you were in one of my groups, I'd tell you to take a "time out," Mr. Martinez!


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