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An Open Letter to Kim Smith


Why do you persist in twisting the facts?  They are fairly simple.  Yet you make it sound as if I participated, as an accomplice, in a homicide!  Just for an example, let’s take the following:  …Lawless told detectives she delivered Shawna Forde's car keys to Gaxiola in Tucson the day Junior and Brisenia Flores were killed.”  Let’s get something straight:  the keys were delivered 2 days later, and it was not established that they were even HER CAR KEYS.  Now you could find that out if you had read my statement, as I expect it’s now in the public domain.  You have the resources to find it.

Here’s another whopper:  “She also said she never blogged about visiting Gaxiola. (Unklesbay didn't say she blogged it. He just said that she has visited him.)”  Actually, Unklesbay said that I had “posted on the internet” something about Albert Gaxiola, and I said that was factually inaccurate.  C’mon, Kim, do I have to buy you a hearing aid? 

Finally, one tiny grain of truth:  Lawless wanted to know if everyone was under oath because she'd already heard a couple of falsehoods."

The reason why I wanted everyone to take an oath is that I expected the prosecutors to lie and to throw out some vague generalities like they usually do, and they didn’t disappoint me.   Kim, how do you expect anyone to believe your reports from the courthouse when you screw up stuff this simple?

Or is this simply unartful bias in action?