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Should White People Feel Guilty?



There is a plethora of information around about the crimes of whites, specifically Europeans, yet no living whites have participated in the alleged crimes of their ancestors.  The only things we share with them are DNA, and to a diminished extent, culture.

What evil have whites done that has not also been done by Africans and Asians, often to their own people?

Before the Europeans came to North America, the “indigenous” people here fought with each other, and took slaves from conquered tribes.  European nations fought with their neighbors, who were also white.  The Roman Empire conquered many European countries.  African tribes fought with other tribes.   Asians warred against each other. 

Humans and aggression go together like peas in a pod.  No matter what race you belong to, there is a certain amount of aggression, both within your own tribe and against other tribes.

In this respect, “pacifist” Leftists are not necessarily less aggressive.  They engage in verbal violence, shouting down anyone who disagrees with them.  They will talk over you, louder than you, and longer than you to make their point, for they are convinced they have the one truth and the one way.  Their idea of Political Correctness is nothing less than the dictatorship of ideas, and they enforce it with the same militarism of any tyrant.  No, they won’t kill or imprison you, but they will use their considerable influence in law, government, business and media to make sure you can’t get a job making anything close to decent money; if you can get a job at all.  As a right-winger, you will become radioactive; no one will want to touch you. 

During the Age of Discovery, there were several factors driving exploration and conquest:  greed for natural resources, and the money they would bring; the desire for cheap labor; the desire for freedom of worship, the testosterone of men motivating them to fight, and the holy mission to spread the Christian gospel to those called uncivilized savages.  Greed for goods was the primary motivating factor.  Sometimes these motivations were all combined in one voyage.  The thinking was:  if you could steal it, or get it for free, so much the better. 

I deplore the use of physical force to make others do things.  If you want something others have, you can buy it, trade for it, or negotiate for it. 

After understanding history in a revised light, I learned that people of color were oppressed in majority white societies, and that whites possessed something called “privilege,” which darker people did not have.  In the beginning of the American nation, everything was tailored to whites, and anyone who was nonwhite stood out.  The concept of privilege is just assumed and accepted; no one noticed it until nonwhites started talking about it, mainly because they didn’t have it, and they wanted some.

Our system of government was created by white men who had some really good ideas, and who desired freedom…for white men, but not for their women, nor for people of color.  Slaves were to be counted as 3/5 of a human being, Indians were referred to as “merciless savages,” and they didn’t get to vote in any elections until the 1900s; meanwhile our federal government violated every treaty they made with the Indians. 

The racial minorities in the United States had some legitimate complaints, and to a degree they succeeded in making white people feel sorry for them, sort of like we are supposed to feel sorry for the poor Jews whose well-oiled PR machine continues to remind us of their holocaust every 3 minutes because they think we should “never forget,” even though the United States had nothing to do with it!

Let’s just say that the minorities have good reasons to complain, and that they were discriminated against in the past solely based on their appearance, and maybe some of their behavior.  In theory, the Constitution says we are all equal under the law, but there has been prejudice in the justice system as well.  Typically poor defendants of all colors (including white) have been treated unfairly.  What we are not told is that black juries are more likely to convict black defendants and to give them harsher sentences than white juries!  Isn’t this discrimination? 

There is no doubt that Europeans exploited the New World, and harmed the inhabitants who were already living there.  There is a doubt as to whether the Asians living in the New World were actually “native,” or had simply arrived earlier by crossing the Bering Strait land bridge or by sailing in ships from Polynesia.  Harm was done as well to the white conquerors.  Land is always paid for with blood; no one gives it up willingly.  Patriarchal culture was a big part of the invasion, as it rewards warlike attitudes, militarism, outright exploitation, and subjugation of women.  Were the “native” cultures patriarchal?  Some of them were; in fact the Spanish were shocked by the blood sacrifices performed by the Aztecs, just to cite one example.

If we are to accept that the exploration and conquest was primarily a result of male aggression and the patriarchy of the time, what about the queens who sent men forth in ships to exploit the New World?  Obviously they were not men and had no testosterone; what motivated them to conquer and to establish colonies?  Just like the current never-ending wars we wage in the Middle East, they were being advised by special interests who were looking for new ways to profit.  We call it corporate greed now, but the same desire for gain at the expense of others has always existed.  It’s a manifestation of the dark side of human nature.  My guess is that the advisors to the queens insisted the voyages were a good idea for the Crown, and the desire to establish colonies was too tempting to resist.  During that period of time, England was also looking for ways to punish criminals.  Often they were offered a trip to America or Australia with 7 years of indentured servitude, or death.  I’ll bet 100% of them chose a sea voyage!  Better to get the criminals off the island than to keep them in prison!  It was cheaper, after all.

So how were Europeans able to conquer on so many continents and to establish colonies?  It was superior technology that

enabled them to subdue and subjugate native populations.  They had bladed weapons, armor, guns and ammo, big ships with sail power, and the ability to navigate.  Smaller numbers of Europeans with advanced technology were able to subdue larger numbers of existing inhabitants.   This wasn’t always the case, though.  Remember “Custer’s last stand?”  

What did these Europeans give to the continents they conquered?  They brought livestock, such as horses, better tools to hunt with, warm clothing, permanent shelters, better forms of transportation, writing, kitchenware to make cooking easier, knives for cutting, a variety of plants to eat, and they installed a pretty decent form of representative republican government.  What did they get from the peoples they conquered?  Many people don’t know it, but potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, and corn are all New World vegetables.  They didn’t exist in Europe before the colonization of the New World. 

I recognize that bad things were done when America and other places were colonized.  But that was before my time.  I believe that any other peoples who had advanced technology would likely have gone to Europe and conquered her, given the opportunity.  Men are men, regardless of race, and the fulfillment of any kind of adventurous ambition was a luxury denied to women in a time when their roles were limited.  The problem was that no culture was as advanced at that time, and Europe was an ocean away.  Europeans’ distance protected them from being attacked by those who were distant, although it was repeatedly invaded by tribes from the East which were called “barbarians.”

Many Euro-Americans today have lost touch with their roots in the old country.  I call them “white bread Americans.”  Between the barbarian invasions and the hegemonic will of the Roman Empire, Europeans were cut off from their ancestors and their history.  Christian monks, who were the only literate persons residing in Europe at that time, could hardly be relied upon to write a truthful account of pagan European history.  White Americans became so assimilated to the generic English culture of their host country that generations later they don’t know where they came from.  That’s changing now thanks to DNA testing and fairly easy ancestry searches.  Only in white societies is the importance of tribalism denied.

Now Europe has been sold out by traitors inside who are enabling hordes of Muslim savages to take over and change its culture.  This must be stopped!  Europe and its cultural values must continue and not be forced into servitude by men who have no respect for their hosts, for women, children, or even animals!

I’ve freed myself from the “sins of my ancestors.”  I am not guilty!  Every Caucasian worldwide needs to take pride in their heritage and promote their own tribe, whatever their country of origin.  We have common values, a history of proportional punishment for crime, and fair treatment for all our citizens.  

We are living in the 21st century, and we will not return to the ways of the 8th or the 15th centuries.  Refuse to feel guilty; repel the invaders without remorse.  We are nicht shuldig (not guilty) and proud of the creations of our race which have benefited all of mankind!