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According to a reliable insider, last week work began on a special cell for Jodi Arias on Death Row, before it was even certain that she was going to serve her sentence there!  Death Row is located at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Goodyear.  Perryville is the women's prison, and currently three inmates are on Death Row in the Lumly section, named after a guard who was slain there.  

The usual prison doors are steel with a small glass window in them about two feet high and 5 inches wide.  Arias' "special cell" door is composed of glass and is completely see-through.  The prisoner will have no privacy whatsoever.  The question is, is this more like a zoo cage for an animal that spectators can look at, or is it a "celebrity suite?"

Word on the women's yard is that the general population prisoners are starting a pool on who can land her (as a girlfriend) first.  So far 8 have expressed interest.  Sorry, girls, but Jodi is going to be in her cell for 23 hours a day, and she's not allowed to talk to anyone, much less pleasure another inmate.  A virtual lover is all she can ever be.

Does anyone besides me find it disturbing that AZ DOC is assuming that Jodi Arias will be on Death Row, or that they plan to display her like a zoo animal?