Laine Lawless is a writer-researcher and citizen-reporter on Arizona border issues, news and events, and a supporter of American sovereignty. Lawless has written extensively on immigration and border issues,  with articles being published on Glenn Spencer's American Patrol,  The Tombstone Tumbleweed, (Chris Simcox's now-defunct newspaper) and Border Guardians.   Despite relentless slander by extremist left-wing media for her political activism, one yellow journo called her:  "One of the most intriguing and frustrating
personalities of the anti-illegal-immigration movement
."  A Pima County attorney called her "uncontrollable," a label which she proudly wears as an independent woman.  In a form of flattery, an exasperated professional said, "Ms. Lawless is Ms. Lawless."  

Laine has moderated a variety of Yahoogroups lists, including
BorderWar,  a list she started in 2004 to alert activists on anti-illegal immigration issues.  With an English teacher for a mother, Lawless had no choice but to love reading and writing.  From the age of 5,
Laine began taking pictures with a box camera, and photography remains a favorite avocation.  Lawless is an avid traveler, has extensively studied anthropology, and is an amateur archeologist.  Laine loves to collect indigenous art, and whenever she travels, she makes it a point to buy native handicrafts to help support the local people.    

April 18, 2020


Panic + Epidemic = Pandemic

March 13, 2020



We hardcore survivalists are laughing at you nervous nellies out there as you panic-buy whatever you think you might need. We've been doing this for decades, and we are prepared.

Contrary to what you see in the Nat Geo program, “Doomsday Preppers,” most survivalists aren't rich and don't go to extreme lengths to get ready. If you entered our homes, they likely wouldn't look any different than yours.

While Doomsday Preppers seems to think everyone wants to “bug out,” we wonder why anyone would leave all the preps they've spent years and lots of money buying! It makes no sense to leave most of the food and other supplies at your home where looters can just help themselves. If you have a fully stocked cabin in the mountains, and not that much in your city home, it may make sense to “bug out.” Absolutely no one wants to be in an urban area when TSHTF.

Most of us would prefer to “bug in,” or “shelter in place.” We are, after all, self-reliant, so we should be able to survive for awhile if we're not able to go out safely. As long as we have food, water, and enough heat (if it's cold out) we should be able to ride it out. Camping equipment with fuel should be enough to handle food preparation.

While some expect the most dire scenarios will occur, I doubt that the entire grid will go down. It's possible, but it's more likely that we will have electric and water available. But it's always good to keep a few filled 5 gal water containers just in case. The problem is, once the electric goes off, you will get no water, no gasoline, and your HVAC won't work. No heating, no air conditioning. If you've got propane or can heat with wood, you should be fine. I'm told that pioneers in Arizona used to sleep in hammocks on their porches wrapped in wet sheets during the summer. I suppose this was an early form of evaporative cooling!

I am already living in that “cabin in the woods” which every family would like to have, so I don't have to go anywhere. The nice part about living in a rural area is even if the government told everyone to stay put, how would they know if you left? Major roads in cities will be blocked, but not in the country. National Guard is not needed out here.

Maybe we didn't anticipate an epidemic, but the way we respond will be the same as with any disaster: we take care of ourselves, sit tight, and ride it out if there is no immediate danger in our environment. If you've got serious health problems, try to get your ducks in a row before something happens. You simply can't rely on the government to take care of you.

If you decide to leave, the time to “bug out” is before everyone else realizes it's time to ease on down the road. Have your bug out or go bags packed and ready to go; leave early. Map alternate routes; have plans A-C, just in case one way is blocked. Keep your fuel tank topped up if you can. Find a place which is isolated, or one with other preppers who will take the same precautions you have. A group can defend itself much better than a single person or a couple.

And just in case you can't get internet access, have all your maps and information printed out in hard copy and in your go bags, preferably inside plastic bags, in case you need them in wet weather. Google may not be accessible, and the tried and true old ways are reliable. Get to know your neighborhood before there is an emergency. Learn everything you can about survival before you need to. The time to learn is not in a SHTF real life scenario.

December 10, 2019


February 21, 2019


A Lesbian Feminist Defies Gay "Leaders"

January 19. 2019



September 12, 2017


August 14, 2017


June 28, 2017

                    GAY "PRIDE" MONTH


March 31, 2017


February 21, 2017


November 10, 2016


June12, 2016

Immigration, Gun Rights, and the Orlando Gay Massacre

January 28, 2015

October 25, 2015

Why I Prefer Christians

Brits oppose Sharia

October 25, 2015

All About MTF (Male-to-Female) Transsexuals

October 7, 2014

                     ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!
Oin Oakstar, Government Snitch, Found Dead

January 17, 2014


December 31, 2013


The FLDS "Prophet" or The Pervert?

September 11, 2013

July 8, 2013

May 10, 2013


May 23, 2013

May 20, 2013


May 9, 2013

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show Calls Nancy Grace "An Engorged Tragedy Tick!"






I like the part about Iraq stating to sell its oil in 2001 in Euros instead of dollars; then the lie was created that they had "weapons of mass destruction" so that we could invade and sell the oil in dollars again, to prop up the sagging dollar.  What was 911 really all about?  To quote Barbara Simpson, "The Babe in the Bunker," FOLLOW THE MONEY!


May 30, 2012---UPDATE  This just in--AZ Supreme Court:  Aubuchon must wrap up her cases by August 30, 2012.  Supreme Court violates Rule 59 and assumes Aubuchon's appeal will fail!


The Truth About the Aubuchon Disbarment

April 3, 2012
Will Jason Bush Be Screwed AGAIN?

April 8, 2012

Pima County Superior Court Judge John Leonardo Retires!

False Alarm Sounds As Tainted Jurist is Nominated to US

 Attorney for Arizona

February 27, 2012

Canadian Police State In Action!

Nanny State Madness Over a 4 Year Old's
Crayon Drawing of a Gun!
Father Arrested, House Searched with NO WARRANT!

February 19, 2012

OMG!  A Gay Sheriff?

February 15, 2012


January 19, 2012


There is no dirty laundry in that family, unlike the other candidates!

January 11, 2012


This woman has her own youtube channel, The Patriot Nurse,
where she discusses survival situations and emergency medicine.
Her videos are excellent!

January 1, 2012


Here is my take on 2012, TSHTF, tyranny, and liberty, just in time for the (allegedly) apocalyptic new year.  More videos are available at http://youtube/lawlesslaine

December29, 2011

December 20, 2011


December 9, 2011

December 9, 2011


November 5, 2011

South Carolina Sheriff Tells Women to Arm Themselves!

October 5, 2011


September 18, 2011

SHOCKER: Money Makes a Difference in Capital Defense!  

September 18, 2011


I have never seen photos of any President with his feet up like this.  He can't even stand up to shake hands with someone.  There are a whole series of photos of him with his feet up on the furniture on Facebook.  This is a good representation of his entire attitude toward his job and The People!

August 14, 2011

The Century of the Self

The Must-See Documentary!  We Have All Been Manipulated!

"This is absolutely shocking and mind-blowing.  Our consumer choices have been totally manipulated by Freudian psychology and public relations agents.  These techniques affect what we buy, and how we vote.  This the BBC at their best."  ~ Laine Lawless

August 13, 2011

Move Over, Queers!  

July 23, 2011

Tucson Attorney Tells It Like It Is!

Slanders Lawyers, Calls Prosecutor Ignorant!

July 14, 2011

Support the Hunger Strike in Prisons for Human Rights!

Prisoners are asking to see the sun, to be let out of years of solitary confinement, which is psychological torture, and for adequate food.  Details here.   Read about the effects of solitary confinement.

July 10, 2011

Update on Gaxiola Trial

The Persecutors finally allowed me to attend a day of Albert Gaxiola's trial.  It was pretty powerful, even though it was the mitigation portion where the defendant pleads with the jury not to give him the death penalty.  Here I compete with the "slave media" in the courtroom.  See if you think my report is better.  You can read the other reports at The Arizona Daily Star and the Green Valley Sun.  My report is here.

June 23, 2011

June 15, 2011

Judge Craps In Prosecution's Mess Kit!

Major Blooper in Third Arivaca Massacre Trial!

June 11, 2011

Questioning Authority

It’s not easy work questioning the powers that be.  People who are in thrall to the establishment, especially if that establishment is corrupt, don’t like being called what they are:  slaves.  As I’ve criticized the mainstream media, they have repeatedly attacked me.  Some of it has been artful, and some of it has been downright sleazy.  I should have expected it.  MORE...questionauthority

June 10, 2011

How to Detect the Government Plant in Your Group

This is an excellent article!  A lot of this is just common sense, if you think about it.  No matter what group you belong to, don't think for a minute that it's not being infiltrated!  I am so tired after my activism, I no longer want to belong to ANY group.  Two warning signs are:  someone with plenty of money willing to foot the bills and who urges you to do something illegal.   If they are too helpful, beware.  Our groups on the right are like herding cats. 

The distressing thing is that the US Dept of Justice and the FBI are simply tools of whichever group is in power.  During the Obamanation, the right-wingers will be targeted.  If we are lucky enough to get a real conservative elected for 2012, it will be the leftists again who will be harassed.

June 4, 2011

An Open Letter to Reporter Kim Smith

Will She Ever Get Anything About Lawless Right?

June 4, 2011

June 2. 2011

Lawless Motion to Be Heard Friday, June 3!

A hearing on the Motion to Quash her Subpoena for the Gaxiola trial has been scheduled for 9:30 am in Judge Fields' courtroom at 100 W Congress, Room 580, Tucson, Arizona.  Laine says:  "I'm hopeful, but I won't be surprised if my motion is denied.  If it is, I intend to appeal.  I will be prepared for any outcome when I get there." 

May 26, 2011


Writer Seeks to Attend Third Trial of Arivaca Massacre

86'd From Two Trials

"I'm tired of putting up with this trio's nonsense," an exasperated Laine declared.   "All they are concerned with is keeping me out of the courtroom so that I cannot get a proper perspective to write a truthful account.  The day of accountability has come for Judge Leonardo and Prosecutors Unklesbay and Johnson.  It's time for them to legally and ethically justify my exclusion.  The problem is, they don't want any media in the courtroom but captive media.  They want quiet, secret little railroad trials.  My presence and reporting will not allow that."  View the motion filed May 26, 2011.

May 5, 2011


For those who don't know, Steele describes himself as "lawyer for the damned," as he has taken on unpopular causes and clients.  You know we as a people are in serious straits when the fedgov sets up a lawyer and maliciously prosecutes himTo summarize his case, he is accused of hiring Larry Fairfax, an FBI informant/hit man to kill his wife and mother-in-law.  In months previous to the alleged crime, he had helped his mother-in-law pay off her home, but of course, the government doesn't want us to know about that.  The primary case consisted of sloppily-fabricated audio tapes of Steele contracting with Fairfax for the hit.  Steele recorded audio of many of his opinions on conspiracypenpal.com, and it is likely that the FBI cut and pasted bits and pieces to create the damning audio.  Fairfax placed a bomb in the undercarriage of Cyndi Steele's SUV, but it did not go off.  He's getting a sweetheart plea deal while Steele will likely go to federal prison for 30 years.

Despite the protestations of the alleged victim, Mrs. Cyndi Steele, in the murder-for-hire plot, Steele was rushed to trial less than one year after he was busted.  Mrs. Steele has always supported her husband, and confirmed that he loves both her and her mother, and would never do such a thing.  Contrary to what the press wants us to believe, there was no life insurance, and nothing to be gained by her death, and therefore, no motive.

Exactly one year after Shawna Forde was busted, Edgar Steele was arrested, and both were subsequently given sham railroad trials.  Judges in both cases consistently upheld prosecution objections and forbid the introduction of exculpatory evidence.  In this video, Cyndi Steele warns us that if they can railroad her husband for supporting unpopular free speech, they can do it to us all.  We're dealing with a new situation here in the Obamanation, where the FBI and the "Justice" Department are being used, as they historically have been, as political tools of oppression against any opponents of the administration in power. 

Ed Steele listened to his lawyers and played it by the book.  All it got him was more jail.  Now, for the first time, Ed is speaking out from his jail cell about the absurd case against him, and his relationship with his family.


Joey Sapp, JD Talks About the MM, Drugs, and Border Issues

April 25

Coming Soon:  15 Lies--How A Witness Perjures Himself in the

 Trial of Shawna Forde

April 13, 2011

March 26, 2011

March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

Laine Lawless on Dutch Joens Tonite on

Exculpatory Evidence!

Tune in at 5:00pm MST, or PDT

March 8, 2011--International Women's Day


Calls Pima County Prosecutors Unethical

 February 13, 2011
Detailed Report on the First
Day of the Shawna Forde Trial
Coming Soon:  Details of Lawless' BAR
Complaint and Judicial Complaint
"Many things are unusual about Shawna Forde’s case.  Most cases which consist solely of lies and hearsay evidence would have been dismissed by the combined efforts of a just judge and a motivated defense attorney.  This case should never have gone to trial.  Of course, the mainstream media will not tell you that.  Any lawyer attending the proceedings would find them laughable and a tragic travesty of justice for the defendant.

"There exists a "conspiracy of silence" in the Pima County judicial-media complex to keep the railroading of Shawna Forde quiet, and to squelch any truthful reporting on the trial.  Pima County and all its legal elite know that if I were allowed access to the public courtroom, I would report in truthful detail on the proceedings, and that reporting might likely expose the shameful fact that “the emperor has no clothes” and that there is no case against Shawna Forde."proceedings, and that reporting might likely expose the shameful fact that “the emperor has no clothes” and that there is no case against Shawna Forde."

February 8, 2011



Link Courtesy of Dutch Joens




February 7, 2011

Lawless Comments on Article

and Courtroom Railroading Interruption

This Washington Post article is a disgusting, agenda-driven hit piece.  There was no research done on it at all, and all it does is carry water for the extreme left-wing illegal alien-lovers.  First of all, Rob Krentz was killed in March of 2010, A YEAR after the drug-smuggling Flores family members were killed!  Shawna Forde was in jail then.  Or don't facts matter to those who are pushing their poisonous, anti-American propaganda?  Secondly, I did not violate a lawful court order.  It's become very clear that I was only put on the witness "list" so I could be excluded from the trial.  By the time I entered the court for the second time, it was known by all parties that neither side would call me as a witness. It was a done deal; the only thing missing was a press release.  The judge gave me an unlawful order violating my Constitutional First Amendment rights as a citizen-reporter.  I have the same rights as any other media to have access to a public trial. The prosecution has rested its case without calling me.  That's proof that they never intended to use me in the first place, and that I had nothing meaningful to contribute as a witness.  How much do you want to bet I will be barred from the courtroom for the 2 following trials?  I am filing BAR complaints against all attorneys involved.  Pima County doesn't want the truth to get out about Shawna Forde, or any of this whole sorry mess, and that's why they want only "captive" media in the courtroom.  So far their strategy is working.  You won't get the truth from the yellow journalists at The Dirt Bag or The Red Star Over Arizona.

It's embarrassingly obvious how desperate Pima County is to cover up the fraud exposed in Shawna's trial.  The courtroom is mostly inaudible to spectators, as no one seems to speak into their mikes, and witnesses are shaky and contradictory at best.  I can only imagine it isn't much easier for the media to hear, either.  But it doesn't matter, since they will report what they want, regardless of the truth.  I am very disappointed that no national media are covering this trial, and that news of it is mostly relegated to blogs.  Even the extreme left-wing is incensed about this.  For once, I agree with the leftists!  This trial needs to be brought to public light, where the proceeding, the FACTS of the case (not the media spin), can be brought to public view.  Once the facts are known, the American public of all political persuasions will understand what is going on in Pima County.

As an aside, I had a very brief interaction wih Terry Greene, propaganda writer for the Dirtbag.  She had contacted me thru FaceBook and said she was doing an article on Shawna.  I talked to her for 5 minutes on the phone, and then said I wanted to check out what she had written.  She is another La Raza propagandist.  When I was told to leave the courtroom at the beginning of the trial, I sat down in the hallway and began reading a book.  I had selected Lord of the Flies by William Golding as appropriate reading material for Shawna's railroading by corrupt barbarians.  Green rushed out and said, "Oh, I'm Terry Greene with the Daily Beast."  She acted like she wanted to talk to me.  I said, "I know who you are, and what you are.  You're a yellow journalist of the lowest kind.  You write to fit a pre-set agenda, and I don't want to have anything to do with you.  Get away from me!"  Green threw up her hands, sucked in air twice, as if she were shocked that one of us conservatives had actually rejected her, and then scurried back to the courtroom.  I'll do the same thing to the next dirtbag leftist scribbler who approaches me.  All any of us wants is a fair shake, and we know these dirtbags will only lie and defame our characters.  Why waste any time at all talking to them?

January 28, 2011
Laine Lawless Attacked in Shawna Forde Courtroom!
Laine Lawless went to Shawna Forde's trial yesterday to hear the lies being told and to report the truth about the railroad trial which Pima County, through its control of media, doesn't want the public to hear.  She was immediately set upon by Judge Leonardo's and the Prosecutor's attack dogs, and forcefully jerked back into the courtroom when she tried to leave.
As punishment for her exercising her right as a citizen-reporter to tell the truth in this case, and for helping Shawna Forde exercise her first amendment rights, Judge John Leonardo ordered her to shut up, to not enter the entire public courthouse,  and to not speak to defendant Shawna Forde. Fortunately, the entire media was there to witness this infringement on her rights, and it was recorded in blurry images.  Some truth about the incident was reported, but not all.
Lawless was injured in this melee, and will be pressing charges against all involved, as well as filing BAR complaints against everyone in the courtroom.  She has previously filed a detailed BAR complaint against Eric Larsen, Shawna Forde's attorney, which is now a matter of public record in Arizona.  At the present time, she is seeking a good personal injury attorney and a Constitutional attorney to defend her rights. 

Can Shawna Forde Get a Fair Trial in Tucson's Superheated Atmosphere?

January 11, 2011
Merrill Metzger Threatens Laine Lawless with
Things are getting ugly in the Shawna Forde case.  I received the following email from Merrill Metzger, Shawna's half-brother, who is supposed to be a witness against her:

From: M. Metz <mmetzger47@yahoo.com>
To: lainelawless@yahoo.com
Sent: Mon, December 27, 2010 10:23:13 PM
Subject: You Tube video

…once again you have shown just how stupid you are. Your fucked and I am laughing my ass of as so many others are as well, you have just made yourself a laughing stalk of America and America is ashamed of you and people like you. You remind me of the pig I shot last year in his sty and some day bitch you will get yours ! and in the end we are the ones laughing at you.


You are absolutley the nastiest person I have ever met and yopu make me sick you fuckin puke !


Unbelievably, Shawna's motion for Change of Venue has been denied.  I hope her attorney will take this to the Appeals Court right now.  With the shooting deaths of 6 people on January 8, is it now impossible for her to receive a fair trial.  Metzger has also been harrassing Shawna's 18 year old daughter.  Can you say "witness intimidation?"  She is scheduled to be a witness for Shawna at the trial.


January 10, 2011

The Real Meaning of the Tucson Massacre

I note that it seemed no one had a gun except a criminal!  What do you expect?  It was a gathering of LIBERALS!  So they were taken down by a psychotic extreme left-wing nutter.  I think that's fitting, don't you?  Oh, and the judge who was killed?  He was a La Raza-Open Borders Lobby supporter, so no comment there.  It's too bad about the bystanders who were wounded or killed, but people are murdered every day in Tucson...ordinary people like us, and Congress still continues to meet.  No biggee.  So what's the dealio?

           Burning the Mexican Flag in April 2006




January 9, 2011

Laine Lawless on Texas Minutemen Truth News!

Citizen-Reporter Laine

Lawless on the Radio!

Monday, January 3, 6-8 PM MST

Listen here: http://dutchjoens.info/
Learn the truth about Shawna’s False Arrest and Political Prosecution!


Dutch Joens

December 29, 2010



What’s happened to Prop 200?

A summary: http://www.mountainstateslegal.org/legal_cases.cfm?legalcaseid=141

A kangaroo court was convened at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ for the special purpose of overturning the voter registration provisions of Prop. 200. Oral arguments were held on October 20, 2009; the panel consisted of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor,  Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, and Judge Sandra S. Ikuta. On October 26, 2010, the Ninth Circuit panel overturned part of the district court's decision and held that federal law regarding voter registration overrules Proposition 200's provisions. The panel upheld other provisions of Proposition 200.

This was not a full panel of 9th Circuit court judges, and I don’t know how this decision can be allowed to stand. An en banc (full court or quorum of all judges) hearing has been scheduled and support is needed for the defense of Prop 200.


From Kathy McKee, Chairwoman of Prop 200:

As you all know, Sandra Day O'Connor and one other Ninth Circuit Justice overruled the 1,044,000 Arizonans, as well as previous court cases on Prop 200, by striking down the voter provisions of Prop 200. We are very fortunate that the Washington Legal Foundation has filed a amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief on our behalf asking for a rehearing en banc before all the Ninth Circuit Court justices, where, believe it or not, we have had amazing luck with their ruling on our side. If anyone has any money to donate to our cause, donation information for the Washington Legal Foundation is:

1. You can mail a contribution to Washington Legal Foundation, 2009 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036; or
2. You can contribute on-line by going to their web site, www.wlf.org. In the upper-left-hand corner of the WLF home page, contributors can click on “About Us,” and then “Support Us.”


"I think I need some AK-47 therapy...  The AK-47 is a fairly

well-known weapon throughout the entire world.  It's not

just for Afghan jihadists--it's for white girls in America, too!"

This is an excerpt from Belgian director Sebastien Wieleman's
documentary about Shawna Forde entitled, "A Cycle of Fences."

Laine's comment:  I took Sebastien and his assistant to the range one day to shoot guns.  These guys were from an EU country where no one has had an opportunity to shoot guns unless they have been in the military.  They had a blast (no pun intended).  I can only speculate that he chose to include this sequence in the documentary because he needed to start things off with a bang!  Europeans are fascinated with the "Wild West" aspects of America, and they are envious of our rights to keep and bear arms.  I provided the only moment of humor in a very serious film about a serious subject.  And if you don't find it funny, then you're a tite-assed liberal!

December 1, 2010



November 13, 2010

An “Only in Arizona” Moment...


Nazis March in Support of SB1070

Pelted by Rocks from “Peaceful” Counter-protesters



All pictures courtesy azcentral.com

See these links for mostly biased news stories:


October 18, 2010

US DOJ Betrays All Americans!

In this article, USDOJ asks a judge to delay her overturn of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy leftover from the back-stabbing Clinton years.   USDOJ has filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for civil rights violations, but they will not investigate violations of Shawna Forde's rights under ADA while a pre-trial detainee in Pima County Jail.  There's something for everyone, of every political stripe, to hate here!  Are they all psychos there, or what?

October 18, 2010

DHS and Nappy Gunning for Border Militias?

Check out this Washington Times article and form your own conclusions.  Harry Hughes and J. T. Ready are two patriots patrolling in the Vekol Valley.  I think they are targets for assassination by DHS and/or the cartels.  Shawna Forde was patrolling the border and she was framed for murders of drug dealers and arrested.  What will happen to other patriots doing the same thing in the Obamanation?  Shawna's trial is scheduled to take place January 11, 2011 in Tucson, AZ unless she gets a change of venue.  Stay tuned--the fur is really going to start flying between now and the end of her trial.
October 11, 2010
Prosecutor Brakes The Press!  
A Report on Government-Media Collusion

AZ Daily Star's
Kim Smith
“Jail officials have been advised by the Pima County Attorney's Office that they shouldn't grant me an interview,” Tucson Arizona Daily Star reporter Kim Smith disclosed last week in an email to us.  Shawna Forde requested an interview with a reporter from the Star to discuss the violations of her rights while in the jail.  Forde’s response to Smith’s retreat was: “That’s unacceptable!  Don’t we still have a free press in America?”  

Certainly, Shawna deserves as much time in print as Jason Bush.  He was interviewed by Smith in September 2009.  Smith reported Bush claimed to have NOT confessed to the Arivaca killings!

Smith indicates that she pulled the jail’s weekly reports on Forde’s behavior, noting Shawna was written up by the zealous jailers for “extremely petty” incidents.  Months ago, Shawna passed a piece of candy on one occasion, and at another time, she uttered an audible word to another inmate.  When Smith reported the candy-passing to Forde’s defense attorney, he chuckled with amusement because there is no misconduct by Shawna, who he knows is innocent and is a model prisoner.

In June Shawna supporters protested against her torture outside of Pima County Jail.  And the Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde (CJSF) has contacted Gov. Jan Brewer to protest this inhumane treatment of pre-trial detainees.  Brewer’s office has been unresponsive to the racial profiling of Shawna at the jail.  Our sources confirm Shawna’s treatment by the jailers is far worse than others.

The flap at the courthouse is even more bizarre.  They say Shawna is still being tortured in solitary confinement and full shackles because the jail sees her as “a security risk” who is able to "mobilize people to do things for her on the outside”.... Like filing a complaint with the ACLU, and posting reports about the jail on her website?
We stand for truth and justice for Shawna, and vehemently oppose the political extremists responsible for these deceptions.

(Courtesy of justiceforshawnaforde.com)

October 2, 2010

Laine Stands Up For Shawna!

Laine Lawless plays a personal message from Shawna at the musical benefit and talks about her conditions of detention as well as her case:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNbE-uFzV0Y

September 23, 2010
FREE EDGAR STEELE, P.O.W.!                         
On June 11, 2010 Edgar Steele was arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder his wife and his mother-in-law.  This is exactly one year after Shawna Forde was arrested in AZ and charged with murders done by a drug cartel.  What do these two patriots have in common?  They were both working on an expose of human trafficking and they were set up by the FBI!  Steele is a lawyer
in Idaho who has been an outspoken opponent of the politically correct.  He has never advocated violence or any unlawful acts, and he is a dedicated family man.                                                                                                                                      Edgar Steele
His wife, Cyndi Steele, has finally spoken out.  See her entire 34 minute press conference, and learn all kinds of things the mainstream media doesn't want you to know.  Mrs. Steele exposes the FBI, the ADL, and a justice system gone mad.  The lawyer who is representing her says, "Anybody who investigates human trafficking seems to end up dead."  He urges the media to cover the aspects of the case which have not been publicized, saying, "The only thing that stops corruption in government is exposure!" 
It sickens me that the FBI and the USDOJ are used as political tools for whoever is in power, whether they be on the right or the left.  How about defending the rights of The People?  Steele was arrested because he was politically incorrect, just as Shawna advocated politically-incorrect activities in a county controlled by Mexico.  And it is an odd turn of events that Shawna, a white woman, is suffering racial discrimination in Pima County Jail, which is controlled by Mexican Hispanics, simply because she is white and she is a Minuteman.  Shawna's a political prisoner, as is Steele!  Do we need any further proof of the things Steele said in his book, Defensive Racism?  Learn more about Steele's case here and give a donation if you can.   
September 21, 2010

What's the Case Against Minuteman Shawna Forde?

The media makes the case against Shawna sound like it's a slam-dunk.  Are they lying to us again?

Every time someone is accused of a heinous crime the media constantly bleat the government’s position, and repeat the charges against the defendants endlessly in every article.  This is propaganda of the lowest kind, akin to advertising, and is based on the assumption that the more times something is repeated, the more likely others are to remember it, so when the time comes, everyone who has been exposed to media lies will remember and repeat them.  (Watch other criminal cases proceed through the justice system, and judge for yourselves.)

What does the prosecution have against Shawna Forde?  Let’s review what they DON’T HAVE first: no eyewitness who can identify her as being present at the crime;  no physical evidence, like DNA or fingerprints; no admission of guilt on her part.  What did they have?  Jason Bush’s confession, which placed Shawna and Albert Gaxiola at the scene.  This went to what was likely an extremely prejudiced grand jury and was the basis for their indictments and subsequent arrests.  A legal observer would then ask:  how was the confession obtained?  If it was obtained by violating the rules of evidence, then it cannot be admissible.  Was the defendant coerced, was he placed under duress, was he under the influence, was he in pain, was he promised some reward in exchange for making it (like medical treatment), was the confession, in other words, INVOLUNTARY?  It any of these are correct, then it is not admissible at trial.  In fact, once Gaxiola’s and Forde’s cases were severed from Bush’s, then I believe the confession was made inadmissible.

OK, so what has the prosecutor got?  Nothing but hearsay witnesses!  And hearsay, I’ve heard, is not admissible in court.  There is a reason why The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde has said the Shawna Forde case is like a Ginsu knife commercial:  just when you think you’ve gotten to the end, “but wait--there’s MORE!”  Once the cases were severed, and it was known the confession could not be used, then up pops the prosecutor with the lie that some of the victims’ jewelry was found in Shawna’s purse when she was arrested!   The fact is, Shawna spent half the year traveling, and when she left home she brought all the other things any woman would bring with her for a long trip:  several changes of clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc.  There is no PROOF (which is required at trial) that the jewelry belongs to anyone other than Shawna.  There is the first lie exploded.

Many of you casual observers are not aware, having not read the Pima County Sheriff’s 150 page Media Release (which was later WITHDRAWN from circulation) that the FIRST SUSPECT in the murders was Oin Oakstar.  He was living with his girlfriend at the time, Sandy Stroup, and their Arivaca home was raided by the Pima County SWAT 9 hours after the murders were committed!  Oakstar is a twice-convicted drug dealer, a lifelong substance abuser, and he was found in possession of firearms, which would automatically send him back to prison.  He spent 6 months in Pima County Jail before he decided to accept a deal which gave him his freedom in exchange for testimony against the defendants.  Why did he spend so much time in jail if he knew something?  Wouldn’t he likely have “given up” the defendants much earlier to save his own skin?  This was the second piece of “evidence”  trotted out by the prosecution, after Oakstar and all the defendants had spent 6 months in jail.  Yet what did Oakstar say when first asked by detectives about Shawna Forde?  “Who the f*** is Shawna Forde?” The fact that he didn’t know her at all will come out at trial.

The surviving victim, Gina Gonzalez, has claimed that the woman accompanying the trigger man the night of the murders was a “short, fat white woman.”  Shawna doesn’t fit that description, but Sandy Stroup, Oakstar’s girlfriend, does.  Yet Gonzalez cannot identify the “short, fat white woman,” and when she was shown a lineup of women including Shawna Forde, she could not pick her out!  And some wonder why, in what was obviously a drug cartel hit, Gina Gonzalez survived, and was NOT shot in the head, execution-style, just like the other 2 deceased.  The 911 tape which was released to the media was heavily edited and does not portray an accurate chronological flow of events.

Shawna Forde’s attorney has said, “there is no evidence against my client.”  He’s a veteran felony murder lawyer with 20 years experience, and I think he knows what he’s talking about.  So the only question I have is, why is Shawna still in jail, if there is no case?  I thought when there was no evidence, defendants were let go!  Oh, but wait--there’s MORE!  Pima County can’t allow Shawna Forde to be released, as it would interrupt their railroading of her!  They have to make their point that no American citizen is welcome on the border, especially if they are against the government corruption which permits drug smuggling and human trafficking (the sexual exploitation of women and children)!

This case is living proof of the incredible bias of the media, as they do not truthfully report any of the news which would tend to exonerate Shawna Forde; all they carry is the damning propaganda put out by the prosecutor’s office.  Let’s all do what we can to help Shawna through this difficult time:  write her letters of support, pray for her, send her money so she can buy necessities through the jail commissary, and support her websites: shawnaforde.com,  justiceforshawnaforde.com,  and shawnaforde.blogspot.com.  And for those of you who remain unconvinced:  save your judgment for January 2011, the date of her trial, as all defendants, according to American justice tradition, are assumed to be innocent prior to trial.

 May 3, 2010
                                                                 WHY WE NEED SB 1070
The recent kvetching from the Tucson Mayor, Phoenix Mayor, Pima County Sheriff Dupnik, and the Tucson City Council make it plain to all who can read just why we need The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, SB 1070.  Pima County and Tucson have long been known for their endemic corruption.  I lived in Tucson for a year and a half, and I moved because I was disgusted at the way government seemed to be run for the benefit of Mexico, not for American citizens.  I was an activist, and was very lucky to have survived burning Mexican flags in the middle of 15,000 angry illegal aliens and anchor babies.  The story of how the Tucson PD protected us is in itself a kind of miracle.  Given the difficulty other activists have had in Tucson, I feel certain that sort of protection for exercising First Amendment free speech will never be extended to any American citizens again, unless they support Mexico's policy of dumping their unwanted poor, disenfranchised, and criminal elements upon us.  I feel truly fortunate to be alive, and to have survived with only my character slandered.
Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik recently went on several Fox News shows to protest the new law, and revealed who his real masters are.  On Greta Van Susteren, he said the law..." kicks Hispanics in the stomach and puts a target on their back."  He told Bill O'Reilly the law..."put Mexicans and Hispanics in a position of humiliation, degradation, second-class citizens..."   Dupnik doesn't seem to mind degrading, humiliating and treating Shawna Forde like a second-class citizen while she's in his dungeon, Pima County Jail!  Shawna has been systematically stripped of every right she has as an American citizen; she's suffered psychological distress as a result of her treatment by staff using cruel and unusual punishments and mind control techniques to break her down before trial. 
What's Shawna's real crime, a crime for which she has already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion?  She is white, she's a Minuteman, and she's a Conservative Christian.  She's a victim of White Racial Profiling (WRP) with gender bias.  The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde maintains the position of Forde's INNOCENCE  and says she is a "false arrested, racially profiled, political agenda prisoner."
Among the hysterical faux claims that this new law will make it just like Nazi Germany ("your papers, please!"), is the conveniently-ignored reality that American citizens have to prove their identity any time they are questioned by law enforcement.  But when illegal aliens are stopped for traffic infractions, they typically have no papers, and then they are let go!   Law enforcement must ask anyone who is suspected of being an illegal alien to prove their identity and their permission to be in this country!  Why hasn't this been done all along?  Because of Communist internationalist traitor Chiefs of Police, mayors, and city councils declaring their cities to be sanctuaries, violating federal laws with impunity!  It's time for law enforcement to enforce ALL the laws, whether state or federal, and to live up to their oaths:  "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic."
As an American citizen who's traveled extensively in foreign countries, I always comply when asked to provide proof of citizenship and identification by law officers.  Why would any foreigner in America have a problem with that?  They are required to comply with the law just as citizens are.  What reason could they have to resist, except that they are illegal, and they don't want to be caught and deported?
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