Donald Trump: Real or Fake?

When Trump first started running to be the Republican nominee, I was excited.  He was very different.  His messages were what Americans had longed to hear for decades:  return jobs to America, restore the economy, erect trade barriers to protect American workers, secure the border, avoid senseless wars, and keep illegals from swarming over America and using her for whatever they could get.  I couldn’t figure out why any of the other candidates were not using the same talking points!

As the campaign droned on, I became bored with Trump saying the same things over and over.  It was very obvious his message was aimed at the working class, and his strategy was to keep it simple and easy to understand.  He was shooting for the lowest common denominator.  When he said, “America doesn’t win anymore,” he was telling the truth.  When he said our treaties and trade deals are bad for us, that was true.  He claimed the leaders of foreign countries are “smarter than our leaders [who make these stupid trade deals].”  That was a lie.

Anyone who rises to a leadership position in politics is not stupid, and in fact, many of our politicians have above-average IQs, just like Mr. Trump.  They may seem to do stupid things, but that is because we are watching the puppet show they want us to see, rather than the men behind the curtain who are pulling their strings and putting on the show.  We don’t know the hidden agendas, and who is getting bribed or blackmailed.  (The Wikileaks DNC/Hillary Clinton emails were but a small window into the moral depravity and perversion of the corrupt power elite.)

Our politicians didn’t make stupid deals because they were stupid; they were fulfilling that hidden agenda, and being paid well to do so.  Some of them likely had deals going on the side (in violation of the law) which would benefit from those treaties and trade deals.

Trump knows some of the smartest, most successful people in the world.  He has good advisors.  To pitch to his intended audience, he is “acting dumb.”  He knows the hidden agendas, because he’s hobnobbed with the elites.  He knows what globalists want, and he says he won’t give it to them.  He says he loves his country, and I believe him. 

After the alleged assassination attempt in Reno, Nevada, Trump left the stage, only to return five minutes later to continue his speech.  One of the guys who works for Alex Jones yelled, “He’s a beast!”  Isn’t that who we want for President?  Someone who can take the heat, and still stay in the kitchen?

At one point, he said he wanted to open a new investigation into 9/11.  I saw a video of him on 9/11 saying that the Twin Towers fell because of demolition, not because the planes crashed into them.  He very clearly understands how things work, but because conspiracy theorists are dismissed as nuts, he doesn’t reveal all that he knows, and it wouldn’t have served his purposes to secure the nomination and to win the Presidency. 

He threatened Hillary with jail in the last debate; he said he wants to rid Washington, DC of corruption, to “drain the

swamp.”  I hope he jails all of those corrupt, self-serving traitors to America, including Comey, Lynch, Obama, Biden,
Hillary and Bill, etc., and that he investigates the DNC pedophile ring. 

Trump is the only man who’s run for President in the last two decades who has self-funded.  He’s the only non-politician who’s also a smart businessman with a track record of success.  He came from behind and he surprised all of us; no one knew he would run, or that he could win.  This is a startling upset!  Unfortunately, considering how much it costs to wage a campaign, the only person capable of winning is either someone who’s got plenty of his own money, or has big backers with huge funding, e.g., Hillary Clinton.  I know of no other candidate who has put his money where his mouth is; they have all relied upon donors who expect to get something back after they win.  The beauty of Trump is that he’s already successful, powerful, and rich!  Who could better resist the corrupting influences of politics?

All along, I’ve been saying, give him a chance.  We knew Hillary was a train wreck; after 30 years in politics her only accomplishment is feathering her own nest, and selling out her own country.

President Trump, we are watching you, and we are all from Missouri.  Now show us*!


*Missouri is known as the “show me” state, indicating its residents are skeptics who will only believe something when they

see it demonstrated.