The Death of Morals and Standards of Conduct

When the Supreme Court declared that gays could get married, Conservatives screamed that the ruling would lead to the legalization of all sorts of perversions, such as pedophilia, transgenderism (otherwise known as gender dysphoria), inappropriate use of sex education taught to young children, “normalization” of alternate sexual orientations, etc. I now think that Conservatives were right about some of this.

As a woman-born woman, and a lesbian, I need to speak up about this. In 1972, I strongly opposed pre-operative MTF (male-to-female) transsexuals joining any lesbian groups. All feminists have supported the protection of women-only spaces, and it was obvious that males (of any kind) simply didn't belong in our groups.


But before we discuss these developments, I think we all need a history lesson on Communism. While primarily Communists “liberated” formerly oppressed groups in the first world (racial minorities, women, disabled persons, and gays), they did it to fulfill their own agendas to create hegemony in American politics. (One might justifiably ask why the Communists did not strive to liberate the oppressed minorities of third world countries; the answer is that most of them were caught in dictatorships where social revolution was impossible; it was the democracies which would allow effective dissension and thereby promote their own demise).

Communist intentions were to use us as their “useful idiots” to increase their numbers of voters and to form pressure groups to influence politics. They managed to brainwash most of us into becoming “progressives” because after all, we were just so gosh darn grateful to them for liberating us.

Why did Communists choose to “liberate” minority groups in America instead of white, normal, heterosexual Americans? Because white families were quite happy with things the way they were; it was the allegedly disenfranchised minority groups which were displeased with the status quo. The Communist schemers knew who needed shaking up, and who should be left alone. Who was susceptible to their propaganda? Those who felt they had been unjustly discriminated against!

I remember decades ago when the term “nuclear family” was disparaging. Ayn Rand notwithstanding, the family is the basic unit of any society, and was formerly extended special rights not available to individuals. One of the initial goals of the “liberators” was to break up the family, as they knew this would create sufficient societal chaos to give them a fair chance of enslaving all to their ideology. Having no firm foundation tends to do that. There is no low to which the Left will not stoop in their quest for more Democrat voters.

If we were to look at the 45 Communist Goals for America published in the Congressional Record, we would discover that many of them have already been accomplished. Hillary Clinton's book, It Takes a Village, was another step in promoting the separation of children and parents, as well as implying that parents are not necessary, while communalism is.

People who've lived in Communist countries know the horrors of that system; young Americans don't and they need to be reminded from time to time.


Many gays do not like the families they grew up in, for various reasons. We developed the concept of creating our own families composed of other gays. A number of gays live only in the large gay subcultures which exist in sizable urban areas, never leaving them unless required to do so for work. For some time, we would use the word “family” as code to describe others we met who shared our orientation.

The entire concept of gay marriage was promoted by elitist, unelected gays who had a hidden agenda. As with any political push, it was all about money. The number of gays who really yearn for a traditional family structure with children is very small. Gay marriage is all about having the same access to services and benefits that straights do: inheritance, retirement and health insurance benefits. I know of no gays who wanted to deal with alimony, divorce, or child support issues.

Although our intentional families are mostly dysfunctional, and we have the same desires of belonging as anyone else, gays are just not family-friendly in general. We've often referred to people with children as “breeders.” A bisexual friend of mine rudely confronted me with reality when she said, “for most people, the world revolves around family and children. You need to get used to that.” Now I live in a rural area which is all about family and children.


I embraced women's liberation because I have been often victimized by sex role stereotyping, as some assumed that you must have a certain body to do some kinds of jobs. Even after women's liberation, I wasn't able to get a blue collar job. My first sales job was working as a termite inspector. I was hired by a very broad-minded male boss who thought I could sell lots of pest control services for his company.

Women's lib freed women to have non-traditional careers, to do what they wanted with their lives, with or without a man, and with or without children.

Aaron Russo, in an interview with Alex Jones, said that women's lib was created to turn most households into two-income taxpayers and to get the kids away from the parents at an early age so that the socialists/Communists could start their indoctrination early in life. What is more malleable than the mind of a child? It's a fact that the CIA provided funding for Ms Magazine.

The good concepts of feminism have been perverted in the last decades and turned into a women vs. men kind of war. A friend of mine reminded me that the only reason why feminism has succeeded is because the men in power allowed it! There are obvious biological differences between the genders, and this is undeniable. Academics say the damnedest things, and it's because of them that those of us who are rational get in trouble. Women have advanced so much now that ones such as Dr. Laura can enjoy the success they have achieved due to feminism while discounting its utility to their careers.


Almost any kind of porno you'd like to see is free for the browsing on the internet. Yes, if you want to keep watching, you need to subscribe, but the internet has made porn easily accessible to anyone who wants to remain anonymous. I have read many stories about porn addiction, how it has deleteriously affected marriages, and heterosexual relationships in general. Along with the general moral degradation of movies and cable television, it is not difficult to see how this happens. Men are easily addicted to porn because they are so visual. And porn provides the perfect fantasy for them where their partners are always great looking and never say no. Adopting this fantasy and thinking you can play it out in real life would tend to corrupt relationships. I don't know what the answer is to this problem, except to say that those who have a propensity to addiction will always be addicted to something. How can we raise stronger adults with better values?


An attorney once said to me that he could not properly represent a white client because “civil rights are not for whites.” Apparently, human rights and civil rights are not for Caucasians; they cannot expect to sue for redress of their grievances. Despite the statistical fact that more whites than blacks are shot to death by law enforcement officers every year, all we hear about are the black victims.

There is no doubt in my mind that People of Color (POC) have been discriminated against in the United States. The Left would love to lump all the illegal alien POC into this category, because they all have “human rights,” but there are many people of all colors who do not agree. Some of those who are most opposed are Spanish-speaking American citizens. One Native American said to me, “Don't put me in your brown pile.” He hates it when Leftists put all POC into one category, as if they all thought alike.

The Communist Left has tried, in a variety of awkward and unjust ways, to make up for past discrimination. Now when a black woman gets a job, some ppl call her “an affirmative action hire,” as if she couldn't make it on her own. Then along comes a woman like Candace Owens to expose that

lie! Some POC regard the quotas, outreach, and affirmative action as insulting. Some colorful Caucasian characters regard the term “people of color” as insulting to them.

I know of many white men who are quite bitter because they have either been denied jobs or passed over for promotion because they were not the right color. There is likely no one in this country who believes having the wrong color skin or the wrong gender should be the basis for denying someone a means of supporting themselves. I faced this problem when I first got out of college. I was told, “this is just a job for a high school graduate,” and interviewers who were being really honest said, “you are overqualified.” Meanwhile I was thinking, I just need a job so I can support myself.


I've known some transsexuals, and all but one came off as crazy, ultra-sensitive, with an unpleasant disposition. The one I knew and liked had a great sense of humor and I enjoyed joking around with her. I don't care what people want to be, but I resent others trying to make us all adjust to them when they are outliers.

The media loves transgenders because they are freaky and dramatic. Remember “if it bleeds, it leads?” Of course they want to write about them. How could anything be freakier than pedophile John Podesta's emails in #pizzagate and the multiple maniac murdering Clintons?

Male-to-female transgenders participating in girls' and women's sports is outrageous! This again goes back to my stating that there are significant differences between the genders. Men (who are XY) should not be sharing women's bathrooms, or competing against women (XX), regardless of what they choose to call themselves.

My theory is that this gender dysphoria is related to pollution in our environment. Many pesticides and some plants (notably soybeans) have estrogenic properties. Why couldn't an excess of estrogen have the potential to damage male psychological health? If I were a psychiatrist, the first thing I'd do would be to put my patients on a 100% organic natural foods diet for several months to see if their beliefs became more harmonious with their bodies. Some have speculated that the transgenderism movement where children are concerned is a form of Von Munchausen by proxy syndrome, and the American Pediatric Association has said that adults allowing transgenderism in children is a form of child abuse.

It would be difficult to imagine anything more capable of ripping apart the fabric of society than transgenderism, which is actually not a new thing. Guess whose money is behind it? The same guy who's flooding our Southern borders will illegal aliens!


The most outrageous new event causing concern in parents is drag queens reading stories to elementary school children. I'm not sure who's pushing this agenda, but I don't regard it as helpful or necessary. Some of the articles I've read say that some of the queens were convicted sex offenders! (And keep in mind that cross-dressing is a fetish also indulged in by heterosexual males.) Why would anyone want people who don't have children and have no training in teaching, or have not passed mandatory background checks, to be in schools or other public buildings with children? If someone wants to cross dress, I have no problem with that, but what qualifies them to be in schools dealing with children who likely don't understand strange fetishes or even sexuality itself? Is this an attempt to twist the minds of children and to sexualize them before puberty?


The Left has used “creeping incrementalism” to their advantage over the years. They've tried it with gun control, gay rights, womens rights, civil rights, illegal aliens' rights, abortion, etc. Some people think this is leading to legalized pedophilia, bestiality, inappropriate sex education for children, and conversion of children to homosexuality. (Conversion is a paranoid fantasy; no one can change someone's sexual orientation or preference.) The most disturbing portion of this gender trend is allowing children, who are legally minors, to choose their gender, and giving them dangerous puberty-blocking drugs. Does anyone remember the castrati, boys who were castrated, so that their voices would always remain high and sweet when they sang?

It seems we are living in a post-modern world where anything goes and morals (if we even remember them) are thrown out the window. Today's tech giants will stoop to any low in order to advance the Leftists' agendas, even employing censorship, banning, and tweaking internet searches on topics Conservatives want to know about. No one cares about sexual fidelity, honor, truthfulness, loyalty, or really working for a living, and almost no one is willing to do physical work. In our instant-gratification, consumption-driven economy, the values of love, friendship, cooperation, social responsibility, decency, and what we used to call “Christian charity” are of no use. Getting ahead is about playing confidence games, fooling the most people, getting the biggest and best, and living with the most toys. The goal of winning is more important than how you get there. Even entertainment is filthier, more depraved, more unnecessarily violent, than it ever was before. And then we wonder why generations raised on dangerous psychotropic drugs and violent video games act out, sometimes in murderous ways? Unfortunately children raised in this chaotic, amoral environment lack sufficient critical thinking skills to be able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

People can choose whatever they want, once they are adults. I also think this should apply to something as drastic as circumcision. Children do not have the brain power or the wisdom to make these choices. They can play around with pretending to be a different gender, but making a change is an adult decision.

Supposedly a really perverse agenda is being taught to children 8-9 years old in the Austin, TX school district. I have no problem with schools including a history of minorities' struggles but this seems to exceed the bounds of prudence and good taste.


Please don't blame gays as a group for this state of affairs. After all, most of us just fall into the “useful idiots” category. Our leaders do not speak for us anymore than Al Sharpton speaks for all black people.

I don't know any other gay person who thinks pedophilia is OK. And among all those who speak for it, I have yet to hear a child victim ask to be exploited and victimized. The only thing that young children should be taught about sex is to tell a responsible adult if someone touches them in their private place. After puberty, sex education should be clinical and unbiased.

The world is a dirty, angry place. Let's allow children to remain innocent as long as we can.