Christians Preferred

Why I Prefer Christians

(to Moslems)


Since September 11, 2001 we’ve all become painfully aware of the differences between Islam and Christianity.  While Moslems believe Jesus was a prophet, none of the things he taught apply to their interpretation of Islam! 

Christianity has had many dark, cruel periods in its past when the zeal for conversion combined with the desire for political conquest overrode Jesus’ teachings to treat others as we would wish to be treated.  There was the wholesale slaughter or enslavement of indigenous peoples during colonization of the New World, the Roman conquest of Europe with churches being built right on top of former sacred pagan temple sites, the Inquisition, the wholesale slaughter of anyone alleged to be a heretic or blasphemer, not to mention the continuous suppression of any natural human urges, such as the desire for sex or individual freedom and autonomy.

I’m not aware of any Christian sects pursuing that same sort of crusade in modern times.

When people call for prayer in public schools and other things like that, they usually do it with the smugness of people who know they are right and the false belief that of course everyone worships the same deity!  And I always like to remind them that the last time we mixed government and religion we got travesties of justice like the Salem witch trials, and the Holy Roman Empire where there was no free speech and violating church doctrine or criticizing the king was seen as an offense to god.  We know how that turned out for Galileo.

I am fully aware that America is a primarily Christian country founded by Protestants and that those who are pagans like me, who worship the old gods and ways of our ancestors, are a distinct minority.  We must do what we can to live in peace with the majority religion.  I have no fondness for any monotheistic religion, but if I had to choose one, I would choose Christianity.

Islam is completely incompatible with American culture!  While those who are “tolerant” are out looking for “moderate” Muslims, the extremist ones are busy cutting off female genitals, performing “honor” killings, raping womenand children, and trying to install Sharia law in the United States.  If you understand Sharia law, you will know that it is completely incompatible with American jurisprudence and our laws.  Repeated surveys of Muslim communities within the United States have shown that at least half the Muslims surveyed want Sharia law within the United States.  My question to them would be:  if you don’t like our system of justice, why did you come here?  Islam is more than a religion; it is a complete political/social/religious system. 

The way Liberals deal with this is to push “multiculturalism” and to preach to Americans that we must be sensitive to how the outsiders feel about our culture.  This is akin to someone allowing a stranger to stay in their home, and the guest not obeying the house rules, partying til they puke, and wrecking the entire house…then expecting to still be allowed to stay!  This is typical of the kind of insanity Libtards expect us to accept.  If America is to play host to those from foreign countries, they cannot be parasites!  If others come here, they must learn to adapt, to play by our rules.  Islam cannot tolerate any differences—it prefers its own system of fascism!

Islam is unbelievably bad, so bad that I don’t have the time to make the case against it here.  There is plenty of information about how bad Moslems are when they reach Europe:  Sweden, which has welcomed them, is now the rape capitol of Europe, with 10% of the native Swedish women being raped by imported Moslem men; the waves of “migrants” aggressively pushing their way through innocent countries on the way to Germany have left piles of trash and excrement in their wake, while they reject the free food offered by governments and NGOs, and  rape women and children in the “refugee” camps with impunity.  No one is safe from these savages.

Judaism as currently practiced, is a trifle more civilized, even though the Talmud permits the molestation of babies and children, lying to goyim, cheating goyim in business deals, and tacitly approves of Jewish slaughter of goyim without punishment.  In fact, when I read the New Testament and the Old Testament, I cannot help but wonder why the Old was adopted by Christians, as it seems that each one of them has a completely different deity!  The god of the Old Testament behaves like a murderous, psychotic 5 year old having a temper tantrum, and reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode “It’s a Good Life” where a crazy child with god-like powers kills adults with impunity.

As a woman and a lesbian, I can’t approve of any aspect of Islam with the exception of charitable giving to those who are less fortunate.  Islam kills gays, approves of child molestation, slavery for women, forced marriage, bestiality (sex with an animal doesn’t “count”), rape, murder and female genital mutilation.  It goes without saying that Moslems have no idea of birth control or how to prevent STDs.  They also do not approve of drinking, even in moderation.  They are completely uncivilized.  As a woman, I know I would be treated very badly if I lived in an Islamic country.  How could I want people with these beliefs in my country?

A larger question is why won’t other Islamic countries take on any of these “refugees?”  No one asks this or puts any pressure on other Middle Eastern countries to take some of their own religious brethren.  Why is it accepted that Muslims must be given asylum in Europe?

While I am an isolationist, and don’t welcome any form of immigration, if we have to have some, please, at least let us have Christians!   I like Christians because of what I call the “namby-pamby factor.”  Since Jesus told them to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” they are usually quite well-behaved and civilized.  A good number of them practice pacifism and nonviolence, so even if they do not approve of you, you might get a tongue-lashing, but you won’t end up either beaten up or dead.  Now contrast that attitude with the jihadism of Islam and the cruelty of Sharia law.  See what I mean?

“Christian charity” is also an institution which is enshrined in American life and culture.  It is so accepted that no one ever talks about it.  I am a big believer in helping the less fortunate, regardless of religious beliefs.  I understand that in some cases a good amount of Christian missionary work is applied before the recipient gets the gifts, but that does not lesson the quality of the help one bit.  And I have known enough Christians who really live their religion according to these precepts to think quite highly of them, and to respect the choices they have made as far as their beliefs and lifestyles are concerned. 

Unfortunately, it is this same concept of helping the less fortunate which has enabled massive immigration from the Third World, bringing in people whose beliefs and cultures are very different from ours.  I sometimes wonder why it seems that white Christians would, in the main, prefer to help those of color who are less fortunate than their own people!  Why would the voters choose to admit people from very different cultures who have no job skills, who don’t speak the language, and who, in the case of some Africans, do not know how to use a toilet?  We do not approve; and it is not the voters who are deciding!  The special interests who really run our government want cheap workers who will not complain or go on strike, and the Democrat party wants more voters to assure their victory in elections when other forms of voter fraud do not serve them.

The only exception I believe we should make to excluding people from very different cultures is to admit women from Islamic countries who are sick of the oppression and who have renounced Islam and all its trappings, including hijabs and burqas.  Only a non-Islamic country can give them real freedom.  Every woman is entitled to live a life of her own, independent of men if she so chooses.

We need to make it a policy to ask immigrants what their religion is, and to exclude everyone who is Islamic, period.  If we continue to import practitioners of this oppressive political system into the United States, we are setting ourselves up for more Dearbornistans and civil war.  Please, send us only Christians or pagans!