CENSORSHIP: The Silent Killer

Freedom of speech is for everyone; it's not just for those who are popular and say things we like to hear. Yet today those whose speech is discordant (to some) are being silenced by censorship. Censorship is the silent killer, practiced by those who offer no appeal. Any dissent is not tolerated by those who enforce political correctness. Discussion is only allowed between those possessing minuscule variations of politically correct views.

Leftists, “progressives,” and socialists thought they had it made when Barack Obama was elected President. Now they are behaving like spoiled children having temper tantrums. Once upon a time, they portrayed themselves as pacifists and anti-war activists who wanted no one but the local, state and federal governments to have firearms. Obviously, they did not trust ordinary citizens to possess enough self-restraint and responsibility to own guns. They were outright statists and fascists then, and they are fascists now. They can label themselves “anti-fascists,” but that is just as big a lie as the media calling the Democrats blue and the Republicans red. It's the opposite of the truth.

Conservatives and other alt-right nationalists found social media on the internet to be a convenient way to discuss political issues and to network with others. Now our voices are being silenced by giant empires like Facebook and Twitter. It is just a matter of time until only politically correct voices are heard. Soon we will be like the USSR, and it's possible that dissidents will be sent to work camps and mental institutions. All “mainstream” media, with few exceptions, is now Leftist and politically correct. The only way we can bring them down is by boycotting their advertisers, buying large blocks of stock in their corporations and voting at shareholders' meetings. Talk radio is probably the only conservative voice left in America today, and I strongly suspect it is merely controlled opposition.

Leftists are like messiahs on a mission to save humanity from nationalists, anti-globalists, capitalism, American cultural traditionalists, conservatives, and “evil Republicans.” They will expose (doxx) anyone who disagrees with them. There is no value judgment of whether or not they are “deserving” of this exposure. They think they are soldiers in their righteous army. People's residential addresses are published, demonstrations are conducted at their homes or place of business, and employers are contacted to expose the doxxee's political views. Thus decent, hard-working people lose their jobs and are often reduced to poverty. The Left's aim is to destroy us utterly, and even the SPLC has admitted this.

Some of this doxxing is based on public records, but they will also illegally hack into computers and internet networks to obtain information. I wonder why the FBI and the Department of Justice don't look into these crimes?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, arguably America's most popular elected county sheriff, had his residential address published by an alt Phoenix weekly, and he couldn't do anything about it. I presume his home was listed on the property tax rolls under his own name, and those records are always open to public inspection.

What must the majority of Americans who are not “progressive” do to preserve American exceptionalism and our way of life? Must we hide in the shadows, sneak around, leave neighborhoods which have gone downhill, change our names legally (unfortunately a public procedure), not speak of politics, constantly be on the alert, as if we were fugitives? In a way, we are fugitives, running from injustice. For too long our political action has been reactive to whatever the Left chooses to serve up as gospel. It is time for us to become pro-active and support our own political agendas. Let them respond to us. If we are constantly on the defensive, we cannot win this war. We will declare who we are and what we want. We need to tell the Left: you cannot replace us, nor can you define us!