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Questioning Authority

It’s not easy work questioning the powers that be.  People who are in thrall to the establishment, especially if that establishment is corrupt, don’t like being called what they are:  slaves.  As I’ve criticized the mainstream media, they have repeatedly attacked me.  Some of it has been artful, and some of it has been downright sleazy.  I should have expected it.

Shawna Forde once said to me, rather tongue-in-cheek, “Welcome to the Winner’s Circle!”  Others have assured me that the more you are attacked, the more effective you are.  When you are ignored, then you know you are not making any difference at all.

Some of my most loyal readers are law enforcement.  They keep reading, hoping to get something they can hold against me.  Dream on, boys!  I’m exercising my right to free speech while we still can in the Obamanation.  You can break my phone, come to my house in the middle of the night, pound on my door, and I won’t stop.  I will just videotape and record you, and have a big fat lawsuit to press against your agency when you’ve repeated your pattern of harassment.  

The latest attack by the slave media and the Pima County establishment is an implication that I had something to do with the Arivaca massacres, which are the subject matter of my new book in progress, Blonde on the Border:  The Government’s Case Against the Minutemen.  My name is being thrown about a courtroom as if I had some involvement, yet I have not been arrested, and I will not be.  I shouldn’t need to say this, but I had nothing to do with the murders!  I was at home asleep when they happened, and I didn’t find out about them until suspects were arrested two weeks later.  

The alleged motivation for the attack on the Flores family was to rip off a smuggler for drugs, money, and guns, and to “eliminate competition.”  This has been shown to be a complete lie, because there were no drugs, and $4,020 was left behind.  It is claimed guns were stolen, but no list of inventory has been proffered.  While the word is not completely out in the open, everyone, law enforcement, and the entire town of Arivaca, knew that Raul “Jr.” Flores made his living by smuggling marijuana from Mexico into the United States.  

While some are very upset about the presence of illegal drugs and those who traffick them into our country, I take a capitalist, supply-and-demand view of drugs.  Just like any good prostitutes, drug smugglers and dealers are just responding to the demand for their product.  And as with all black market activities, this trafficking will continue until there are no customers for the product.

As a Thatcherite-Libertarian, I say let the people do what they want.  They are already getting high anyway.  Interdiction of a small portion of illegal drugs coming into the U.S. is not going to stop people from wanting to get high, and from doing drugs.  

If there were no “war on drugs”  there would be no “rip crews” robbing smugglers and dealers.  There would be no assassinations of smugglers and their families; there would be no powerful drug cartels.  There would be no crime associated with drugs.  Two-thirds of our prisons would be empty; fewer law enforcement would be needed, and many government employees would be forced to find real jobs which actually benefited society.  Imagine!

There is a sickness, a spiritual void in America, which causes our people to turn to drugs.  We need a revival, a spiritual awakening.  Christianity will not fix the deep problems we have, will not fill the empty places in our souls.  Only a return to the spiritual paths of our ancestors, and a return to Goddess, will heal us.  

When the causes of drug addiction are cured, drugs will no longer be an issue, and our government agents will no longer be corrupted by the easy money from the black market.

I don’t have a dog in this race.  I don’t do drugs or drink to excess.  But I support the right of every American to do so if they wish, providing it doesn’t directly affect me.  Habitual drug users whose lives are out of control due to drugs need to be offered rehabilitation rather than incarceration.

Conditions which create drug abuse must not be tolerated.  Criminal neglect, abuse and sexual violation of children must be exposed and punished severely.  Victims must be afforded proper psychiatric treatment. 

All persons must be allowed to choose their own spiritual paths.  We need to create a just and fair society where conditions allow a person the opportunity to reach their highest potential.   When that happens, there will be no chemical dependency.